A Review of The Massacre of Mankind by Stephen Baxter as the Martians come again

The Massacre of Mankind After reading Alastair Reynold’s Revenger earlier this year I dived right into another thick novel. The Massacre of Mankind is written by Stephen Baxter as an official sequel to H.G. Wells’s The War Of The Worlds. The original story is a first-hand account of a Martian invasion of England in 1907. In 1920 […]

Sherlock Holmes The Adventure of the Second Woman Who Wasn’t – A short story

For a few weeks I have been writing a Sherlock Holmes short story. As an author I write for SciFiEmpire.net kind of like a side-project. Yet I don’t often post the fiction that I write. It is something I intend to correct. In fact, if you follow this link you can read a Star Trek […]

Disney announces Star Wars Inferno Squad as sequel to Rogue One

Star Wars Inferno Squad The standalone Star Wars movie, Rogue One, released in December has not disappointed Disney financially. However, as most of the major characters died at the end of the movie we are not likely to see a sequel. LucasFilm producer Kathleen Kennedy has already said as much. To keep the Rogue One […]

Tips on Writing Fiction: Part 1 – Finishing that first draft

Tips on Writing Fiction After the release of my second novel Roland, which you can purchase on Amazon Kindle, I thought it a great idea to write a short series articles on the writing process itself. After about a decade spent as a writer I think I have something to offer other prospective writer’s. So far I […]

Revenger review – Alastair Reynolds shows us a world of pirates and skulls, in space

Revenger Writing this review of Revenger is hard. The novel was released in September 2016 and though I am a major Alastair Reynolds fan I initially passed. I am not sure why, Revenger was hinted at by the author for a long time, but its sudden release made me worry it wasn’t that good. I need not have worried, […]

My new novel – Roland – is now available for pre-order from Amazon!

Roland Dear readers of SciFiEmpire.net – my third book, and second novel is now available for pre-order from Amazon. The title of the novel is Roland, named after the protagonist. It is set in in the future, though I would be hesitant to call it pure science-fiction. The novel is scheduled for release on January 29th, this […]

Star Trek The Next Generation A Gentle Encounter Before Farpoint

Star Trek The Next Generation A Gentle Encounter Before Farpoint For a while now I have considered writing a novel set in the Star Trek universe. I already have an extensive collection of notes as well as outlines for several novels. Yet I have not been able to really make a good start. One issue is […]