December 3, 2023

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This page is intended as a repository of links on science-fiction.

News website

Literature – Formerly Another very old website that provides great coverage of Science Fiction literature. – One of the best website on Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror literate. Excellent forum to help aspiring authors. – A very old websites that provides a regularly maintained release schedule. – Weblog maintained by a workaholic reader + plenty of giveaways! – An old Sci-fi literature website that has been discontinued.

Movies – Daily regular posts on all film related news. – Similar to slashfilm. -Provides regular updates on film related news.

Star Trek – The official Star Trek website. It contains extensive coverage of news and community events. – One of the longest running Star Trek news websites. – Front-end website associated with the most popular Star Trek Forum (TrekBBS). – Extensive coverage of home media releases. – Provides extensive coverage of Star Trek Collecting news.

Star Wars – The official Star Wars website. Extensive coverage of major announcement and community events. – Community blog coverage of all Star Wars related news. – Formerly StarWars7News. Extensive coverage of Star Wars news + regular podcasts. – A website maintained by fans to provide fans with accurate coverage of Star Wars news. – Associated with, provides coverage of Star Wars Collecting news. – An excellent resource on Star Wars with an extensive list of websites.

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