An introduction to Object Oriented Design with java

An introduction to Object Oriented Design with java I have finished another chapter of my introductory book on Computer Science. This chapter, entitled Object oriented design with java, deals with Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). This concept is illustrated using the Java programming language. For this chapter just like the others a few caveats are necessary to understand. There may […]

WarGames Retro Review: A Movie Inspired By The 70s

I have written a small review for the 1983 movie WarGames. The review is extended by background information on phone-phreaking. The article will eventually become part of my Computer Science book that I am writing scheduled for release in January 2016. Enjoy! There is also a PDF version for download Wargames WarGames Retro Review Back […]

Navigators of Dune – See the cover of Brian Herbert and K.J. Anderson’s last Dune novel

The final Dune – Navigators of Dune Next year, May 2016, Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson will release the third and last novel in their Great Schools of Dune trilogy. The last installment is as called Navigators of Dune, as rumored. After having read and reviewed the previous two novels, Sisterhood of Dune and Mentats […]

Introduction to Shell scripting + a little bit of Batch

I have finished another chapter for my upcoming Computer Science book. It is an introductory primer to Shell scripting and a little bit of Windows Batch programming. Compared to the other chapters I have released (algorithms and introduction to programming) this one is still rough. I am not quite pleased with it, but I thought I […]

Introduction to Algorithms with Perl

Yet another chapter of my introductory CS book After I posted Sunday’s sample chapter on programming I thought I would post another that is nearly finished. Chapter 5 deals with common computer algorithms such as bubble sort, quicksort and the principle of recursion. The chapter is entitled ‘Introduction to Algorithms with Perl’. As you may guess, it is written in […]

Python programming – an introduction to coding

Python programming The text below is a sample chapter of a book on the Linux command line, programming and hacking that I am writing. It is tentatively scheduled for release in January 2016. If you find any typo’s or blatant errors please feel free to email me and I will make corrections. Please note this chapter is intended for those […]

The Medusa Chronicles – Alastair Reynolds and Stephen Baxter join forces

The Medusa Chronicles Hot after the release of his novel Poseidon’s wake and his short-fiction Slow Bullets famed SF author Alastair Reynolds has another book almost ready to go. It is entitled The Medusa Chronicles and it was co-written with another famous SF author, Stephen Baxter. The story is a sequel to the Arthur C. […]

The Girl In The Spider’s Web Review!

The Girl In The Spider’s Web Review! Finally after 8 years and almost 11 years after writer Stieg Larrson died a new novel in the Millennium Series has been released. This fourth novel, The Girl In The Spider’s Web, is not the fabled lost story of Larsson but has instead been written by David Lagercrantz. Premise The story […]

Review of The Fifth Heart by Dan Simmons

Review of The Fifth Heart by Dan Simmons Ever since the copyrights to the first batch of Sherlock Holmes stories ended some years back the market has been flooded with non-canon fiction. This time it is famed author Dan Simmons who has written a Holmesian historical epic. The author of Hyperion, The Terror and Ilium manages to […]