July 20, 2024


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Happy Thanksgiving 2020

Happy Thanksgiving + some Black Friday tips

Happy Thanksgiving 2019

I wanted to wish everybody a happy Thanksgiving. It is the day that officially kicks off the holiday season with roasted turkey dinners, marshmallows and excessive spending. Or last least, if you follow the Black Friday craze. For those that do I have a few special tips on what you might spend your money on.

I will start off with an absolute must – A VPN connection. For years I have held off getting a subscription. But now with most of my significant purchases being done online and the shear amount of subscription services it has become a necessity. With VPN you can get to keep your privacy, while the slight latency reduction is barely noticeable. I now have a subscription from NordVPN for just 114 euros for 3 years.

Gaming on Nintendo Switch and PC

Once you are done with that you can look at entertainment. There is a lot to enjoy in gaming. On the Nintendo Switch there is the fantastic Luigi’s Mansion 3. At the same time the console is quickly becoming the bets place to play indie games, one game that is purchasable for just 2 euros is Rogue Bit. On the PC gamers can get their hands on The Outer Worlds, a Fallout clone which I think is better. There is also the excellent Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order – in my book one of the best Star Wars experiences currently available. The elephant in the room remains Red Dead Redemption 2. The game is so iconic it just cannot be missed. There were initial problems with the PC release, but they have been fixed.

Disney+, Netflix and Amazon

If gaming is not your thing you can always try your luck with a streaming service. I know that they are becoming ridiculously prolific. But how could you say no to Disney+ at just $ 7 a month. In return you get baby-Yoda in the form of The Mandalorian and every Disney, Marvel and Star Wars movie available whenever you want. Also CBS All Access is interesting as Star Trek Picard will be released on January 23rd. Amazon is currently streaming the fourth and final season of The Man in the High Castle.

Happy Thanksgiving at the movies

Finally there is the big screen. Movies such as Last Christmas and Knives Out are a must see, with Charlie’s Angels and Midway being a must avoid. Jumanji 3 and Rise of Skywalker are much anticipated in December, but I do have concerns for both. So I hope I have given you enough ideas for things to do this weekend and into December. Happy thanksgiving!