May 24, 2024

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Happy Halloween 2021 + schedule for the fall

Happy Halloween 2019 + schedule for the fall

Happy Halloween landscape

I will start by wishing everybody a Happy Halloween

Halloween is slowly starting to become more of an event where I live. In fact I saw the first pumpkin lanterns just now as I was walking outside through the autumn coldness. And there is plenty to do this Halloween weekend. Playing Luigi’s Mansion 3 and The Outer Worlds, or watching Terminator: Dark Fate or Malificent 2. However, with just two months left in this year It is also time to reflect.

For the last few months it has been very busy here at This article included makes for 13 this month. That is a new high since 2015. August and September did also well with 11 and 10 articles respectively. This is compared with just 4 or 5 per month at the beginning of the year. Since April I have been trying to out different things to write about. I used to review TV series a lot but I leave that to others. Instead I have added comics and games to the mix. My review of the Blade Runner 2019 comic and Star Wars are well read – sparking my enthusiasm.

Upcoming schedule

This fall may well end up being the most jam-packed ever. Especially with Star Wars content. I already wrote a preview for the video game Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order just yesterday. The same goes for the last entry in the sequel trilogy – Rise of Skywalker – set for December 18th. Expect reviews of both as quickly as they are released. However, The Mandalorian, set for November 12th, is probably already the best regarded.

But there is plenty more. The PC version of Red Dead Redemption is set for November 5th and it is regarded as one of the best time sinks ever. November 15th will see the release of the fourth and final season of The Man in the High Castle. This is followed by The Expanse on December 13th. Around the same time the fifth issue of the comic book series Blade Runner 2019 will start. This will continue the adventures of Blade Runner Ash and the difficult choices she is faced with.

In the mean time there is plenty more about which I am not sure but I will give a try. Jumanji 3 starring Dwayne Johnson and Karen Gillan. MechWarrior 5 for the PC and Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition for the Nintendo Switch. And finally the second season of Jack Ryan. So there is plenty to do this Halloween going into the holiday season. Happy Halloween everybody!