May 24, 2024

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Dune: Part Two (2023)


On November 3rd after two years we will finally get to see the conclusion to the Dune film adaptation with Dune: Part Two. Based on Frank Herbert’s epic science fiction director Denis Villeneuve wisely decided to split the story in two in order to do it justice. Even so plenty of scenes were cut from the first movie which may impact how the director plans to adapt the second half of the story. The first movie ends just after Paul’s fight with Jamis. Having fled the destruction of House Atreides Paul and his mother Jessica must survive with Stilgar’s desert Fremen and contemplate how to strike back at their enemies. Meanwhile other survivors of House Atreides find themselves amidst a power struggle between Harkonnen and Corrino. The first movie ended well after the half-way mark of the story, but did skip sections in the middle, notably the machinations of the Baron against the imperial house and Thufir Hawat’s flight and eventual capture. As such there are a number of loose story threads that or may not be picked up. What is now known is that with the casting of Feyd-Rautha and Margot Fenring we will get their respective scenes on Giede Prime. Furthermore, according to rumors nearly the final third of the movie focuses on the battle between the Fremen and the forces of House Harkonnen and Corrino.

Cast & Crew


Just as with the prior movie much of the production and filming took place in Budapest from July 2022 onward. There were also a few days of shooting in Italy at the Brion tomb. I am not certain what they would represent, perhaps some part of Giede Prime. In November shooting took place in Abu Dhabi.

Image Gallery

It has taken a while but we have out first look at Dune: Part 2. Vanity Fair released about a dozen still images on April 28th, notably giving us out first look at at characters such as Princess Irulan, Margot Fenring and Feyd Rautha.


Tie-in Media

It is still too early to determine what tie-in media will be made available. No doubt new print version of the original book will be made available with new covers. Probably there will also be made a book entitled The Art and Soul of Dune: Part Two, but we shall see

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