June 23, 2024


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Christmas scene

Wishing You A Happy Christmas, From SciFiEmpire.net

As it is the 24th of December, I wanted to wish every visitor of this blog a Merry Christmas. I know there is not much happening on this website, nor the associated YouTube channel. However, for the latter I do have plans and I do hold out hope that I will get off my ass and make those plans come true. These days it always seems I have other things to do, I have scripts ready to be recorded for YouTube videos but I do not record them. Call it a bit of a funk. Back in 2021 when I first started making videos, I had Dune: Part 1 to look forward, and I managed to milk that video well into 2022. Somehow, Dune: Part 2 has not yet captivated my attention. I think I am always a little bit sad to see something end. However, just by writing this down I am already feeling a but better. Currently I am working on a new YouTube, entitled The God-Emperor & Moneo which covers the delicate relationship between the Leto II, The God-Emperor, and his major-domo Moneo. If you know the names then you will know this comes from the fourth book in the original Dune Saga. Most consider this book to be second-best besides the original Dune, and a few rank it higher. I have always wanted to a in-depth analysis of God-Emperor of Dune which is by no means a easy feet and the script for this videos has been edited for nearly a year. Besides The God-Emperor video I have long wanted to analyze the movie Ex Machina by Alex Garland. Starring Alicia Vikander, Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson the movie stands out because it is a though-provoking video on the nature of A.I. and human-interpretation of what that means. If I have time, I will attempt to do some work on through the Christmas days. Well, that is it. I hope to see you guys back soon on this blog and the YouTube website. Have a nice Christmas, try to remain productive – I think that is the best way to head into the new year.