Snowpiercer S01E02 Prepare to Brace Review

After last weeks premiere of Snowpiercer I was very much looking forward to episode 2. Usually the second episode focuses on setting up the backstory and take a break from the hectic plotting of the premiere. Snowpiercer is no different. Former detective Andre Layton is quickly pushed into conducting his homicide investigation of one of […]

A solid start to Snowpiercer starring Jennifer Connolly

In 2013 we got the Korean / American produced movie Snowpiercer. Set on a train in a future in which the world has frozen over. Only those on the train can survive, as long as it keeps rolling. To top off this already weird plot premise there is class inequality onboard, depending on your choice […]

William Gibson’s The Peripheral adapted as series for Amazon

For years I have waited for an adaptation of William Gibson’s seminal cyberpunk novel Neuromancer. In fact, I even posted what was believed to be some concept art intended to woe potential investors. Alas that has so far all been in vain. This despite names such as that of director Vincenzo Natali being attached. Instead, […]

Westworld S03E08 Crisis Theory Review

With Westworld S03E08 Crisis Theory the season has come to an end. While I do not believe this was a bad season it certainly did not end well. In fact, you could pretty much guess how it would end and you would probably be right. It is difficult to say where it went wrong. Too […]

Westworld S03E07 Passed Pawn Review

I must admit, there is a little bit of Westworld fatigue setting in. After seeing the episode “Passed Pawn” of Westworld I am wondering where all this is leading up to? In fact, I am wondering just exactly what this show is all about and what I should expect out of it. That is generally […]

Devs Episode 8 Review – a fond farewell

Alex Garland‘s series Devs was one of the most anticipated series of the year – even when we knew very little about it. Then earlier in the year came a mysterious trailer that got a significant buzz going. After eight episodes the fantastic show is over and I for one never regretted the experience. Devs […]

Westworld S03E05 Genre Review

After last week’s episode “The Mother of Exiles” Westworld shifted into high gear. Dolores has set out to undo Incite’s strategic AI Rehoboam and the man in control of it – Serac. In this week’s episode “Genre” she and Caleb do exactly that. She, Caleb and a kidnapped Liam attempt to steal Incite’s data while […]

Devs episode 7 Review

During the sixth episode of Devs Lily learned from Katie that everything is perfectly deterministic. If you use enough computing power, or in this case a quantum computer of sorts, you can obtain a clear vision of the future, and of our pasts. You can go back in time 30.000 years to observe pre-historic humans […]

Discussing Westworld S03E03 The Absence of Field

Another week has passed and episode 3 of Westworld’s third season has just released. And with it a pattern is starting to emerge. The episodes featuring Dolores, Caleb and the Charlotte host will be alternated with those featuring Maeve and Bernard. Until the stories merge, as they assuredly will. This episode continuous the story of […]

Star Trek Picard S01E10 “Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2” Review

After 10 weeks the season ends with Star Trek Picard S01E10 “Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2”. This unlikely series starring Patrick Stewart got of to a rough start, but its intriguing premise ensured viewers stuck with it as it slowly increased in scope and speed. In fact, the scope increased so much that I […]