The Girl Who Lived Twice Review

The sixth book of Stieg Larsson‘s Millennium series – The Girl Who Lived Twice – has just been released. Since the release of the fourth in 2015 the novels are written by David Lagercrantz as the original novelist dies in 2004. Lagercrantz has some big shoes to fill, the original novel that started it all […]

Dune retro review – a look at Frank Herbert’s masterpiece

During the last week I reread Frank Herbert’s Dune, a masterpiece of Science Fiction from 1965. Which is hands down my favorite novel. I have been a fan of the franchise for over 20 years. I played Dune 2000 and Emperor Battle for Dune, watched the series from 2000, and its successor Children of Dune […]

Alien: Covenant Origins by Alan Dean Foster Review

For some time there have been rumblings about a sequel to the 2017 movie Alien: Covenant. That movie was a soft reboot of the franchise, it was also a quasi-sequel to Prometheus. Itself a soft-reboot of the franchise. Prior to Alien: Covenant being released a prequel novel Alien: Covenant Origins written by Alan Dean Foster […] celebrates it’s 8th anniversary!

It has been 8 years to the day that I made my first post on this blog. Strictly speaking already existed for a few weeks before that, but I was still figuring out how to set up WordPress. It has been a long road. Looking back at some posts I wrote it feels like […]

Star Wars Dooku Jedi Lost Review by Cavan Scott

One indication that Star Wars Episode 9 Rise of Skywalker is nearly upon us is the release of more novels. For the second time in nearly a month I am reviewing a Star Wars canon novel. This time the audiobook Dooku Jedi Lost by Cavan Scott. Previously I read Master and Apprentice by Claudia Gray. […]

Star Wars Master and Apprentice Review

Slowly the Star Wars community is gearing up for the release of Star Wars Episode 9 The Rise of Skywalker. And you know what that means – books. Novels, young adult stories, conceptual design books and visual dictionaries. The first in such a series of books is Star Wars Master and Apprentice by Claudia Gray. […]