April 22, 2024


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Christmas scene

Wishing You A Happy Christmas, From SciFiEmpire.net

Finally, after nearly 3 years the COVID-19 pandemic is slowly fading into memory. Throughout most of 2022 it has been waning where I live. Apart from the lock-down during the first few weeks I have put little thought to it. That was different last Christmas, when an unexpected lock-down started in early December and ruined the season for a second year in a row. Looking back in this time period I am amazed about everything that has happened to me personally. As most readers will know this blog for SciFiEmpire.net is now mostly dead. Instead, for nearly 18 months, I have been creating content solely for YouTube, though I have been taking a break from that as well. The reasons are varied, the loss of a parent, a lengthy stay in the US as well as starting my own startup company have drained my energy, as you might expect. But I am not disheartened. While I will continue to miss my parent my professional success has also given me energy. In a week, near the end of the year I will be moving to Berlin for period of 6 months, and I am very excited.

So what’s next?

So the good news is that my slumber is finally over. I will return making YouTube videos. In fact I have several planned for the coming week. Tomorrow I will probably post a review of Glass Onion, the second Knives Out movie by Rian Johnson starring Daniel Craig. But there is more. I am currently applying the finishing touches on the in-depth analysis of Lady Jessica, one of the principal characters in Dune. Meanwhile, I also want to touch on some of the Dune news that has come out recently, regarding the sequel movie set for release next year and the series The Sisterhood set in the same universe. In short, I will remain busy during Christmas, as I usually do. If you on the other hand have difficulty being entertained then let me make some casual suggestions, which is becoming something of a Christmas tradition here @ SciFiEmpire.

Things to do for Christmas!

First, there is of course Glass Onion, the aforementioned whodunit which just got released on Netflix. While perhaps not as good as the original Knives Out it is still perfect movie to watch with friends and family. At the cinema there is of course also the Avatar sequel The Way of Water. Once again directed by James Cameron. I happened to see it in 3D and let me tell you, the movie is just absolutely gorgeous. Its long running and melodramatic plot are minor issue. Finally, the Christmas action movie Violent Night starring David Harbour is just fantastic. On TV there is the third season of His Dark Materials and an inordinate number of spy thrillers: The Recruit, A Friend Among Spies, Treason and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. I for one intend to watch them all, which should give you an idea of what I like besides Science Fiction.

Well, I wish every reader a happy Christmas with I hope lots of partying like we did before the pandemic. Please do subscribe to my YouTube channel @SciFiEmpireNet, that way you will never miss one of my videos. See you around!