June 18, 2024


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Happy 2023

A Happy 2020 from SciFiEmpire.net


2019 has finally passed and so has the decade. I wanted to wish every reader a happy new year and may 2020 and the next decade be successful for everyone. Today I thought I would write this post to look back on 2019 and detail my plans for 2020. I hope it will encourage you to continue visiting SciFiEmpire.net in the future.

Looking back on 2019

The last year was overall a good year for Science Fiction. Movies such as Ad Astra and Rise of Skywalker were good even if they were not brilliant. That said, it was also the year that more series were streaming and more are confirmed to be in production. The Mandalorian was everything it was hoped to be, as was Good Omens and The Dark Crystal. The number of Sci-Fi games must have surely peaked with Metro Exodus, Control, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, The Outer Worlds and Borderlands 3. Which reminds me I still need to finish some of them!

My plans for 2020

For almost a year I have been trying a new format for this blog. I decided I was bored writing reviews of TV show episodes. So since then I have branched out. I have included more reviews of games, comics and novels. With the addition of the latter two I see a lot more of the synergy that exist between media. In addition I have also added articles on tech and game development in general.

For 2020 little will change but I do intend to write more articles – from 3 per week to 4 and add expand on the detailed pages of Dune, Star Wars and Blade Runner. Besides that I intend to provide continuing coverage of the programming game I am developing in Unity. At the same time I am a backer of the 32Blit console on Kickstarter and I should be getting one in the next few months. I will be converting a few small games I have to that platform and provide details and how you might do that as well.

In addition I will provide coverage for Interzone (sci-fi mag), 2600: The Hacker Quarterly and Paged Out! I also intend to attend conventions like I used to expect coverage of E3, Game Development Conference, GamesCom and HOPE 2020.

In short this will be a busy year for SciFiEmpire.net, and I hope it best year yet. If you do not want to miss any of this coverage then please subscribe to this blog by filling in your email address in the widget to the right. That way you will get a link to any new article sent to you automatically!