Discussing Westworld S03E03 The Absence of Field

Another week has passed and episode 3 of Westworld’s third season has just released. And with it a pattern is starting to emerge. The episodes featuring Dolores, Caleb and the Charlotte host will be alternated with those featuring Maeve and Bernard. Until the stories merge, as they assuredly will. This episode continuous the story of […]

Star Trek Picard S01E10 “Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2” Review

After 10 weeks the season ends with Star Trek Picard S01E10 “Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2”. This unlikely series starring Patrick Stewart got of to a rough start, but its intriguing premise ensured viewers stuck with it as it slowly increased in scope and speed. In fact, the scope increased so much that I […]

Book review Made To Order: Robots and Revolution

Now that I am shut in due to the corona epidemic I read a lot. My review of Chassepot to FAMAS by Ian McCollum appears to be well read. During the weekend I also read through a short story anthology edited by Jonathan Strahan entitled Made To Order: Robots and Revolution. You can purchase it […]

Book review Chassepot to FAMAS by Ian McCollum

A few days ago I finally received my copy of Chassepot to FAMAS: French military rifle, 1866 – 2016 by Ian McCollum. I have been a devoted fan of Ian’s YouTube channel – Forgotten Weapons – for many years. For those unfamiliar with his channel. Ian provides information on infantry weapons whose historical significance is […]

Picard Episode 9 Review – the endgame is near

After 8 episodes the story of Star Trek Picard has finally reached its climax. In this week’s episode (the 9th) – Et in Arcadia Ego Part 1 – we see Picard, Soji and party arrive at their destination of Capalius. Its the planet were Dr. Bruce Maddox created Soji and her twin sister Dahj. Once […]

Westworld Season 3 Episode 1 Review

After two years Westworld is finally back with its third season. Set mostly outside of the park – as we knew it – the season 3 premiere feels like something new. The show’s creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have always sought to stretch the bounds of the imagination, but now they attempt to do […]

Interzone issue # 286 Review

Interzone issue # 286 Now that Interzone issue # 286 has fallen on my doormat its time for review of my long favorite short Science Fiction magazine. TTA Press has managed to produce yet another high quality issue beautiful art and colouring. For those interested the cover art is by Warwick Fraser-Coombe. The editorial & […]

Westwood classics Command & Conquer + Blade Runner return

Westwood Studios One of my all-time favorite game studios was Westwood Studios. I remember playing Command & Conquer for literally hundreds of hours in the late 90s. Red Alter, Tiberian Sun, Dune 2000 and all of the expansion packs were at one time part of my game collection. Hell, I even played Nox. Yet, there […]

Devs episode 3 Review

The first two episodes of Alex Garlan‘s new series Devs felt like a self-contained story. Episode 3 had the promise to broaden the depth of the show, to develop characters and situation beyond their introduction. Yet, Devs episode 3 surprises by twisting the narrative. Instead of depicting a cat-and-mouse game between Lilly and the leadership […]

Review Issue 2 Star Wars Darth Vader (2020)

Last month I reviewed the first issue of the new Darth Vader comic series – Dark Heart of the Sith. My opinion of that issue was somewhat subdued. It is set in the aftermath of Vader’s duel with Luke. We see a Sith Lord trying to uncover how the birth of his son was kept […]