April 16, 2024


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SciFiEmpire 8th anniversary

SciFiEmpire.net celebrates it’s 8th anniversary!

SciFiEmpire 8th anniversary

It has been 8 years to the day that I made my first post on this blog. Strictly speaking SciFiEmpire.net already existed for a few weeks before that, but I was still figuring out how to set up WordPress. It has been a long road. Looking back at some posts I wrote it feels like the Sci-Fi scene has changed drastically. Back then we still had shows such as Eureka, Person of Interest, Warehouse 13, Alphas and Alcatraz on the air. In fact, streaming services hardly existed.

SciFiEmpire.net has had its up and downs since then. Arguably blogging has made room for YouTube, and I will be the first to admit that I have not always diligently posted when I should have. Last year I changed the format. Now I write less reviews of series as I prefer to leave that to others. I try to focus more on unique content. Recent articles on Zachtronics, Good Omens, Star Wars books and even a Longmire short story are good examples.

Best June ever!

During the last year I have managed to keep up a busy writing schedule for SciFiEmpire.net. I set as a goal to write at least two articles per week. And I have managed that for the most part, except for a few weeks that I took some personal time. In fact, last month (June) was the best month this website has had in years. I wrote 12 articles, and had 7500 visitors to the site, about double the normal rate. More than that I welcome the nearly 300 new Facebook subscribers. Incoming visitors form social media are now by far the bulk of my readers.

These summer months

So what can readers expect from the next year? Well, I have mapped out the next few months in detail. For starters you can expect a Spider-Man review this weekend. Later on this summer I will be providing coverage for series such as Killjoys and Elementary. I will also be reviewing new series such as Another Life (starring Katee Sackhoff), Pennyworth and The Dark Crystal. In a few weeks the first edition of a new Blade Runner comic is set for release, and I will be covering that too. In August Remedy Entertainment will be releasing their supernatural shooter Control. August will also be good on the literary front with Star Wars: Thrawn Treason and The Girl Who Lived Twice. The Latter is the latest incarnation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series.

Changes to SciFiEmpire

So during the summer months there is plenty to watch, play and read if you are a Sci-Fi fan. Meanwhile I will be making some small changes to this website. I will be adding pages for the new Dune and Star Wars movies and change the theme. This theme has been with me for years, nearly since the beginning, so I think a change is in order. Meanwhile, I am pushing forward with creating a discussion board. It will take time moderating it, but it may go some way to create more of a community.

Become a contributor

On that note I remind readers of the open invitation to become contributors to this blog. If you want to write an article on Science Fiction, Fantasy or Tech you are more than welcome to join. If you feel I don’t cover your favorite series, comic or game you are more than welcome to contribute a review. Just post below if you are interested.

I thank all those readers who have been with me for these last 8 years. And lets see if we can get to 9, and 10 afterwards.

Yours sincerely,

Kane – author / administrator