Happy Thanksgiving + some tips for Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving I wanted to wish everybody a happy Thanksgiving. I am sure that after all the roast turkey, pastries, marshmallows and drinks you will be looking to do something else. Perhaps even browse the internet to see what is worth spending your money on Black Friday. Now I am not a major fan of Black […]

Wireless hacking – A new chapter from my book Linux, Programming and Hacking

Hello readers, currently I am putting the finishing touches on the second edition of my book Linux, Programming and Hacking. As such I will be posting a few sample chapters for review until release in late December. This chapter is on wireless hacking, specifically WPA/WPA2 and WPS. Enjoy and please do leave a comment below. […]

Red Moon Review – Kim Stanley Robinson brings China to the forefront

Red Moon Review Red Moon is a difficult novel to review. Set in a future which is as close to what you might think the future should be. There are no impossible flying cars or teleportation devices. Instead there is private space flight, small colonies on the moon and quantum-entanglement based secure communication. Red Moon […]

Happy Halloween and schedule for the remainder of 2018

Happy Halloween Hello everybody, and a Happy Halloween. I am posting this today because tomorrow (October 31st) I won’t be in. After an absence of several months I have decided to again post articles for SciFiEmpire.net. I know that some readers will know that its my 3rd restart in as many years, but I don’t care […]

SciFiEmpire.net celebrates it’s 7th anniversary! + Book Giveaway

SciFiEmpire.net celebrates it’s 7th anniversary! Today marks the day that seven years ago I started SciFiEmpire.net. In fact the website had been up running for a week or two back then but I was still choosing a layout. July 3rd 2011 I wrote my first post. Since then SciFiEmpire.net has gone through various incarnation until […]

Playing with the AIY Google Vision Kit: Part 1 – Assembly and Demos

AIY Google Vision Kit For a few months now I have been salivating at the idea of owning an AIY Vision Kit. The kit is sponsored by Google and allows makers to build their own intelligent camera for object and face recognition. As I have caught the maker and Deep Learning bug some time ago […]

Elysium Fire by Alastair Reynolds Review – The Maestro of SF revisits the Glitter Band

Elysium Fire by Alastair Reynolds Review Another year and thus another Alastair Reynolds novel is released. Well, strictly speaking, we did not get a novel in 2017 – but we got two in 2016 (Revenger and The Medusa Chronicles). And Elysium Fire was released in January. So its not all bad – right? Elysium Fire is the direct […]

Dark State by Charles Stross Review – Jaunting back into the Empire Games

Dark State Before reading Empire Games last year I had never read a book in the Merchant Princess series by Charles Stross. Empire Games is the first in a new trilogy that would not require prior knowledge. I certainly did not regret reading it. I have been looking forward to the second novel – Dark State […]