Warehouse 13 ‘No Pain, No Gain’ Preview!

Season 4 of Warehouse 13 is starting to heat up with Brother Adrian’s (Brent Spiner) discovery that it was indeed Artie (Saul Rubinek) who used the Astrolabe, though I wonder if this storyline can last throughout the season. I think it will probably be resolved by the season hiatus after episode 10. In the meantime […]

Warehouse 13 ‘There’s Always a Downside’ Preview!

Last weeks episode of Warehouse 13 entitled ‘Personal Effects’ was considerably better than the seasons first two, so for once I can say I am really looking forward to the next iteration of this show in which Steve will have to become familiar with the side effects of his newly found non-death. Unfortunately, going from […]

Warehouse 13 – An Evil Within – Review!

An Evil Within is the second episode of the fourth season of Warehouse 13 and it unfortunately continues the creative slowdown that seeped into the third season. The plot of An Evil Within… This episode has two main storylines. The first follows Myka (Joanne Kelly) and Pete (Eddie McClintock) as they try to find out why people […]

Warehouse 13 – The Greatest Gift review!

This episode of Warehouse 13 is a Christmas special, and as such it lampoons the series just a bit (which in its own rights is often frivolous). Often this can either be needlessly stupid or absolutely brilliant. This episode swings back and forth between the two. The episode begins with Pete and Myka having to […]

Warehouse 13 renewed for season 4!

Yes, one of the few sci-fi shows that the Syfy channel still has is being renewed for a fourth season. That’s just days after a sixth season of Eureka has been canceled (though of course season 5 is still on). Too some this seems like an unlikely course of events as Warehouse 13’s ratings have not been that strong […]

Warehouse 13 ‘3..2..1’ Review!

Last weeks episode of Warehouse 13 was a slight disappointment. This weeks episode entitled ‘3..2..1’ was better, but it felt a little disjointed. The main improvement this week came about by the reappearance of HG Wells (played by Jaime Murray) after an absence of a few weeks. The episode begins with the unexplained deaths by […]

Warehouse 13 ‘Queen for a Day’ Review!

Warehouse 13 certainly took off well in its third season. Better special effects, more budget towards the set and the cast appearance was considerably altered. Almost as if for 5 years production had ceased and only just restarted. What was also different was the level of drama, which was considerably increased. This probably because the series […]