April 16, 2024


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Warehouse 13 ‘There’s Always a Downside’ Preview!

Warehouse 13 Logo - Joanne Kelly Eddie McClintock Saul Rubinek Jaime Murray

Last weeks episode of Warehouse 13 entitled ‘Personal Effects’ was considerably better than the seasons first two, so for once I can say I am really looking forward to the next iteration of this show in which Steve will have to become familiar with the side effects of his newly found non-death.

Unfortunately, going from the promo pics and the synopsis it would seem that Jaime Murray will once again not grace us as H.G. Wells in Warehouse 13. Her absence has been duly noted by fans on the net.

Here is the synopsis…

The team suspect that an artifact is involved at the prep school where Hugo Miller’s nephew attends. While Pete and Claudia check out the prep school, Myka and Steve track down another artifact in New Orleans.

Here are the promotional videos…

Here are the promotional photos of ‘There’s Always a Downside’…