May 22, 2024

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Warehouse 13 ‘3..2..1’ Review!

Last weeks episode of Warehouse 13 was a slight disappointment. This weeks episode entitled ‘3..2..1’ was better, but it felt a little disjointed. The main improvement this week came about by the reappearance of HG Wells (played by Jaime Murray) after an absence of a few weeks. The episode begins with the unexplained deaths by a weapon that causes its victims to turn to dust. Quickly Myka deduces that it is a similar weapon that HG Wells sought after while she worked at Warehouse 12 in 1893. Thus the regents allow HG Wells to join in the investigation albeit as a mere hologram. While the gang tries to find the artifact in the present day, which according to Wells is none other than Jericho’s trumpet, we get flashbacks of events such as they occurred during 1893 and 1962.

The events during 1893 are succinctly as follows. HG Wells is hot on the trails of the artifact which she traces back to a rocket that a friend is building. During the scuffle her friend is revealed as a traitor and the artifact is launched inside the rocket and into apparent oblivion.

In 1962 the rocket crash lands back on earth and the unstable artifact makes a few unfortunate passersby its victim. Warehouse agents are sent to retrieve the artifact but after a spectacular discharge the horn appears lost forever. Unknowingly a young boy hiding in the trunk of the agents car retrieved the artifact after his father had previously been killed by it. The boy hopes one day to take revenge upon the ‘aliens from outer space’ for the death of his father.

Fast forward to the present day. After another two incidents with the horn the gang is able to deduce who is responsible and from where he is operating. They set out to find the now grown up boy and with some careful coaching from HG Wells they manage to convince him not to fire upon the star system Gleise as its direct result would to reduce a stadion with 40.000 occupants to dust. In the final scene we see HG Wells give her goodbye to the gang, with even Pete mustering a few best wishes.

As I mentioned before this episode was much better than last weeks, though it suffered from  the three time-lines made it feel a little disjointed and frankly forced upon us to give them more importance. Thus we can infer that both the timelines of 1893 and 1962 will probably be revisited in the future. On other websites the suggestion that Jaime Murray would get her own Warehouse 13 spinoff show has been mentioned quite a bit over the last few weeks.

Another downside of this episode was Pete (played by Eddie McClintock) whose sole dialogue consisted of blaming HG Wells for all the ills that had befallen them since her appearance. At first it was as though he played the devil’s advocate about HG Wells joining the team but as it lasted throughout the episode it became quite annoying. It was probably another attempt by the creative staff to add more drama to the series.

In fact despite some improvements in the quality of the special effects and the drama this season it would seem that Warehouse 13 is still the weaker cousin of Eureka with even the best Warehouse 13 episode being outshined by an average Eureka episode. this can be explained in several ways. First eureka plays in a remote town which goes haywire over the latest ‘fringe’ science experiment because Warehouse 13 is played out over the entire world that little resembles reality. In fact is almost constantly ‘jumps the shark’ with its artifacts. At first this series was compared often with the X-files but now I can say there is really no comparison as the X-files like Eureka at least attempts to stay somewhat plausible.

Score; 8/10.

Next weeks episode sneak peek.
Below we have our usual sneak peek of next weeks episode of Warehouse 13, and it would seem we have ourselves another Eureka crossover which all things considering isn’t such a bad thing.