June 18, 2024


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Warehouse 13 ‘Past imperfect’ review!

This is one of those strange episodes were Warehouse 13 tries to get all serious and against the odds it actually works. Season 2 also had such episodes though I have forgotten theor names it is nontheless a strange gambit as Warehouse 13 normally has to succeed with being goofy with its characters and clever with its artifacts. Certainly the show more often than I would like just ‘Jumps the shark’ but ehere is a thread of episodes right from the beginning of this show that are just spectacular and they almost seem like a show on their own. Warehouse 13 was often in the beginning often compared to the x-files,quickly we found out that this isn’t just right as the x-files at least use science to underline its plot. However, this episode would fall in the ‘x-files’ categorie and is definitely an example of how this show should proceed.

As for the plot…..
We find Myka and pete back in Denver where myka recognizes a man as the killer of her partner when she was stationed there with the Secret Service. Despite some skeptiscism from Pete they decide to pursue the case anew. This means they will have to bring in her old Secret Service buddies, which she is anxious off because they blame her relationship with her old partner Sam. however, they seem to revere her attention to detail and quickly agree to help her out. This takes our gang to several locations to find the killer, each time they are spurned on by an anonymous source which I personally thought already gave too much of the ploit away. The first time the killer manages to escape in such an unlikely manner that proofs he must have een using a artifact. the second time they manage to catch up to him he is gunned down after a firearm suddenly appears in his hands. Pete and Myka agree the killer must have been using a artifact that freezes time (which Artie later confirms comes from the Philadephia Project). However, the viewer would have already guessed how the above events tie into a larger plot but for a few minutes we have to Myka being complete dishevelled at events before Pete pulls her through. Myka figures out that it wasn’t the killer who used the time freezse device but one of her colleages at the Secret Service who works with the killer. It was the colleage who gave the tip-offs and who put the gun in the killer’s hand and later on shot him.

Pete and Myka confront two of her colleages in their office and quickly is transpires which off them is the true killer. This scene although has good special effects is a bit contrived, in the end time is frozen but Myka manages to kill the killer by pushing him into the path of a frozen bullet which resumes its trajectory when time resumes.

This episode is for a lack of a better word Myka centric, and I am glad to see actress Joanne Kelley being able to flex her acting muscles in this one as her character seems to be on a emotional rollercoaster.

This episode also has a side plot for Artie, Claudia and Steve. It is in essence a continuation of last weeks episode during which Artie and Steve were betrayed by agent Sally Stukowski. In this episode Claudia and Steve are sent to fetch a doorknob artifact after which they are stunned by unknown assaillants. However, a dog was a witness and is duly taken back to warehouse 13 were a a pair of fez’s (you know a hat) allows people to read a dogs mind. This way they uncover the licence plate number which confirms that Sally is also behind the latest attack. Next week will propably see a continuation of this side-plot.

Number of viewers; 2.25 million, a slight decrease over the previous weeks despite being much better.
Score; 8.5/10.

Next weeks preview.