Syfy cancels Defiance – After 3 seasons fans will have to switch to Dark Matter, Killjoys and The Expanse

Syfy cancels Defiance In a surprise twist Syfy has cancelled Rockne O’Bannon’s futuristic series. Defiance has only completed its third season this summer, but the steadily dropping ratings were cause for Syfy to cancel it entirely. Defiance first aired in 2013 and was an experiment at a transmedia franchise. At the time of the TV-series launch a Massive Multiplayer […]

Dark Matter, Defiance season 3 to air tonight!

Dark Matter Tonight Syfy channel’s new TV series Dark Matter starring Roger Cross (Continuum, Orphan Black). Dark Matter is created by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, and is based on the comic book of the same name. I am not familiar with the Dark Horse comic books and so I can’t recommend them, as for the […]

Defiance Season 2 cast portraits

On June 19th Defiance will be back for it second season. As a teaser Syfy released no less than 25 high resolution character portraits to drool over. I found myself instantly awaiting the new season with renewed hope. Defiance has managed to build a small loyal fan base after its somewhat rocky first season. Some […]

Warehouse 13 Series Finale ‘Endless’ Review

Unlike many other Science Fiction shows such as Stargate, Star Trek or Eureka I have always had something of a love-hate relationship with Warehouse 13. I make a distinction between Warehouse 13 and the other shows because I never hated those even when they had a bad episode. Instead Warehouse 13 could easily give us 10 […]

Defiance Season 2 Preview

Defiance Season 2 Preview On June 22nd (or 19th) Defiance will be back for its second season. Last year Syfy touted the show as a new direction, a first taste of many new science fiction shows to come. However, Defiance only partially lived up to expectations. The pilot episode was a dud and so a were […]

Defiance season finale ‘Everything is Broken’ review

The first season finale of Defiance is entitled ‘Everything is Broken’ and that is a understatement. Plenty of characters are killed off and almost everybody’s world is turned over. Some people might hate the episode, but I think most will love it. It’s a show that has only slowly begun developing a pair of balls. The plot […]

Defiance ‘The Bride Wore black’ Review!

The first season of Defiance is almost over. After yesterday’s episode ‘The Bride Wore Black’ there are just two more to go. Fans won’t have to be afraid of a cancellation as the second season has already been confirmed. The question is whether another season is warranted? Well, I say it is…. Slowly, yes just slowly… Defiance […]

Defiance episode 7 ‘Goodbye, Blue Sky’ Review!

Goodbye, Blue Sky. Finally we get an episode of Defiance that isn’t afraid of pulling some punches. It certainly isn’t unusual that TV-Series shy away from radical decisions in their first season without knowing what the fans like but some of Defiance’s earlier episodes were borderline boring. They were in essence self-contained stories that did little to further […]

Defiance gets renewed for second season by Syfy!

After just 5 episodes into its first season Syfy has already given its news flagship show Defiance the benefit of the doubt. Syfy has renewed the show for another 13-episodes that will start airing in 2014. The announcement is surprising for several reasons. So far the quality has been uneven. A lot of viewers are confused about the background […]