May 22, 2024

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Person of interest preview!

This fall CBS will start airing a new crime/drama with sci-fi elements called ‘Person of interest’. It will star Micheal Emerson as the billionaire Mr. Finch who has developed a computer program that can predict future crime à la ‘Minority report’. It will also star Jim Caviezel as former CIA agent ‘Reese’ who is presumed dead and helps Mr. Finch find the culprits of whatever crime that is set to happened.

The pilot for this series was among the best recieved ever, so much so that the schedule for CSI has been rearranged to make place for ‘Person of interest’.

Though the series will have to navigate hurdles such as a weak sci-fi element and the predictive elements of the crimes being a sort of Deus ex machina I do believe that this show has the capability of firing a few synapses for the viewer.

With a creative staff such as it has this shouldn’t be a problem. No other than Christopher Nolan’s brother Jonathan is the creator and J.J. Abrams is set to produce. Though speaking for myself I am mostly eager to Micheal Emerson return to the screen.

Person of interest is set to start airing on september 22nd.