Warehouse 13 ‘No Pain, No Gain’ Preview!

Season 4 of Warehouse 13 is starting to heat up with Brother Adrian’s (Brent Spiner) discovery that it was indeed Artie (Saul Rubinek) who used the Astrolabe, though I wonder if this storyline can last throughout the season. I think it will probably be resolved by the season hiatus after episode 10. In the meantime […]

Warehouse 13 ‘A New Hope’ mini-review!

A New Hope is the first episode of the fourth season of Warehouse 13. The plot in broad strokes… After the destruction of the warehouse in the finale of the last season the story continues with the direct aftermath to those events. Pete, Artie and Myka have survived thanks to H.G Wells (Jaime Murray) sacrificing […]

Warehouse 13 Season 4 ‘A New Hope’ Preview!

The fourth season of Warehouse 13 is almost upon us, on July 23rd the season will kick off with the episode entitled ‘A New Hope’ which I suspect is a reference to the dramatic events that happened in the season 3 finale in which Mrs. Frederic, Steve Jinks and H.G. Wells all died. Too some […]

Warehouse 13 ‘3..2..1’ Review!

Last weeks episode of Warehouse 13 was a slight disappointment. This weeks episode entitled ‘3..2..1’ was better, but it felt a little disjointed. The main improvement this week came about by the reappearance of HG Wells (played by Jaime Murray) after an absence of a few weeks. The episode begins with the unexplained deaths by […]