April 22, 2024


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Eureka ‘Omega girls’ review!

This weeks episode of Eureka entitled ‘Omega girls’ focused mostly on pushing forward the Eureka mythology. It tries to set in cement the changes that have occurred after our gang moved forward in time.

Allison Blake - Salli Richardson nude

The episode starts of funnily enough with Dr Blake (under the control of Beverly) sending the kids away to her mom’s so they won’t be a bother and afterward taking her time to pick her garment of the day while being nude (not that you see much). That the episode focusses mostly on Blake/Beverly can partly be inferred by the fact that it is Salli Richardson (who plays Allison Blake) is the director of this episode. As part of Beverly’s plot Blake will today take up the role of Acting Director of GD from Fargo. However, Carter quickly finds out that Allison hasn’t been acting herself lately and with the help of Zane and Henry uncovers the truth about Beverly’s mind control of Allison. Just as Carter confronts Blake/Beverly she sets of a stunning device that incapacitates everybody in Eureka leaving her with a level playing field.

One of the side plots of this episode is the return of Zoe Carter. Her dad can’t pick her up from the airport so Lupo volunteers. Things quickly come to a head when Zoe learns of the full implication of Lupo dating Zane. Obviously Lupo can’t say why she is attracted to Zane, especially after the alternate Lupo discouraged Zoe from getting into a relationship with Zane. This she can’t tell Zoe. After the two make it back to town they discover all the inhabitants unconscious. It was glad to see the production didn’t take half measures with showing the full implications of everybody in Eureka dropping to the floor.

Zoe finds her father and they take him to GD to run medical scans. After getting there they find Henry and Zane laying unconscious behind a computer terminal with a scan of Allison’s head displayed on it. Not after Lupo get’s captured by bad guys brought in by Beverly do they realise she has been compromised. The plot thickens when Beverly tries to steal every GD idea ever created from the computer mainframe. However Zoe on her manages to take out the two bad guys Beverly brought with her (with the help of a rather cute robot) and after she frees Lupo from her own jail they manage to stun Blake/Beverly.

In the epilogue Zoe once again starts asking awkward questions about the Zane/Lupo relation, however, her father buds in and the last take shows him telling her about his time travelling adventures.

Score; 9/10.

Eureka cancelled.

Sadly, it is true. Only last week both a full season 5 and a short season 6 were announced as a go. Unfortunately, the short season 6 was cancelled. Not only are declining ratings to blame but probably also actors not willing to renew their contracts. The creative staff most like wishes to move on as well as this show has been on the air since 2006. Personally I think this move could do wonders to make sure the quality of season 5.

Next weeks episode preview. It called ‘Of Mites and Men’.