Warehouse 13 renewed for season 4!

Yes, one of the few sci-fi shows that the Syfy channel still has is being renewed for a fourth season. That’s just days after a sixth season of Eureka has been canceled (though of course season 5 is still on). Too some this seems like an unlikely course of events as Warehouse 13’s ratings have not been that strong […]

Warehouse 13 ‘3..2..1’ Review!

Last weeks episode of Warehouse 13 was a slight disappointment. This weeks episode entitled ‘3..2..1’ was better, but it felt a little disjointed. The main improvement this week came about by the reappearance of HG Wells (played by Jaime Murray) after an absence of a few weeks. The episode begins with the unexplained deaths by […]

Summer scheduling of your favorite TV-shows.

Here is the complete schedule of all sci-fi tv-schows set to air this summer. Torchwood: Miracle Day (8th July). Alphas (July 11th). Warehouse 13 (July 11th). Eureka (July 11th). Fringe (september 23rd). Sanctuary (fall 2011). It would seem that July 11th is going to be a big day, check back for the reviews on July 12th. The review of […]

Ongoing coverage of Fringe, Warehouse 13, Sanctuary and Torchwood.

This page is the place to be for the latest buzz on upcoming, ongoing and foregone TV-series. At present we are mourning the loss of Stargate Universe and before that Stargate Atlantis. This September we shall be once again enthralled by the return of Fringe for what could well be its own next to the […]