Colony S1Ep9 Zero Day Review

Colony S1Ep9 Zero Day Review For the last few weeks I have been binging on Colony, the new Sci-fi mystery show on USA Network starring Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies. Colony is created by Carlton Cuse, who was also joint showrunner with David Lindelof for Lost. Recently he has also developed Bates Motel and is working on […]

Revolution S2Ep22 Series Finale Declaration of Independence Review

Eric Kripke’s Revolution has ended prematurely after two seasons. The show that was produced by Bad Robot Productions, J.J. Abrams and Jon Favreau drew criticism from the very first episode onwards. The series had a lot of promise with its innovative premise of trying to imagine what happens after all the electricity in the world […]

NBC Cancels Revolution after two seasons

During yesterdays review of the latest episode of Revolution I actively speculated that the show would be cancelled. Well, its has been. NBC is pulling the show of the air after just two seasons. In just a week’s time another Bad Robot Productions show is being cancelled. Some bloggers have started to catch on to the […]

Revolution S2Ep20 Tomorrowland Review

It has been a while since I last posted a review of Revolution. The show has seen a remarkable improvement in quality during its second season. However, a 22 episode season is also far too long. The second half of season 2 saw the storyline slowing down and becoming repetitive. Only now that we are moving […]

Revolution S2Ep11 ‘Mis Dos Padres’ Review!

This weeks episode continues where the last one left off, Miles and Rachel are going to attempt to rescue Monroe after he has been captured by a drug cartel in Mexico. That is kind-off all you need to know. There are three more storylines, those of the Neville’s, Aaron/Ex-wife and Charlie/Gene that never really get […]

Preview of 2014 Science-Fiction TV shows!

As the year 2013 has come to a close it is time to make up the balance and see what the year has meant for Science Fiction on TV. I will also be giving a preview of the Sci-Fi shows that will make their return or début during 2014. After a cursory view of the dates listed […]

Revolution S2Ep8 ‘Come Blow Your Horn’ Review!

I am sorry that I didn’t review last weeks episode of Revolution, but all you need to know is that Monroe lived through his death sentence. Almost immediately the series switched gears and showed more of how the US government, or Patriots, work behind the scene. The patriots are season two’s latest antagonists and I […]

Revolution S2Ep5 ‘One Riot, One Ranger’ Review!

Revolution seems to be on a winning streak as of late. I personally had my doubts whether the ‘patriots’ would be any good as antagonists but so far season 2 has not disappointed. This weeks episode ‘One Riot, One Ranger’ is very effective in increasing both the scope of the Revolution’s universe as well as in furthering […]

Whats wrong with TV these days?

This week was hardly a good week for TV. It was worse than last week which itself was already mediocre. It can be that we are spoiled with too many good TV shows and we are expecting to be confronted with cliffhangers and denouements every episode. It does seem that after the initial excitement of new TV-series and […]