April 16, 2024


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Monroe (David Lyons) and Charlie Matheson (Tracy Spiridakos) finally make it to Willoughby - Revolution

Revolution S2Ep5 ‘One Riot, One Ranger’ Review!

Monroe (David Lyons) and Charlie Matheson (Tracy Spiridakos) finally make it to Willoughby - Revolution

Revolution seems to be on a winning streak as of late. I personally had my doubts whether the ‘patriots’ would be any good as antagonists but so far season 2 has not disappointed. This weeks episode ‘One Riot, One Ranger’ is very effective in increasing both the scope of the Revolution’s universe as well as in furthering the character storylines. Just as in previous weeks I will deal with each group of characters separately. Though when I say group it is down to two as Monroe and Charlie managed to get to Willoughby.

Walker Texas Ranger goes Revolution

Where is Walker Texas Ranger when you need him?

Tom Neville; Tom is still trying to find his son Jason. His suspicions are raised when the patriots round-up healthy abled people for transit to a better camp. Secretary Allenford orders Neville to go with her to Washington to augment her security detail. When travelling in a cart they come across a party of ‘patriots’ travelling the other way. Neville’s suspicions are aroused when they cock their arms. In the nick of time he manages to dodge some bullets and shoot a few of the ‘patriots’. Secretary Allenford is hurt in the ambush but Tome manages to get her to safety. She explains that she criticized the indoctrination program that the group of healthy able people have to endure. She mentions that they use LSD and other drugs to succeed. As Tom thinks he has learned all there is to know he moves to abandon her with a bullet in her gut. However, she manages to convince him to safe her as she knows where Jason is. Neville moves to remove the bullet with a knife.

Some fans have speculated about a romantic entanglement  between Allenford and Neville. I think he is too much of a cold-fish for that.

The patriots from last week got crisped alright - Revolution

Aaron; through flashbacks it is revealed that Aaron hasn’t had the best 6 months since the nukes dropped. He has some alcohol problems and is being picked on by a villager who after one encounter beats him up. As the man continues his liaisons with a woman in a car Aaron steams with anger. The man in the car seemingly spontaneously catches fire killing them both. Aaron explains to himself that the oil-lamp caused the fire. 5 months later Aaron explains to Miles and Rachel that it was him who caused the two patriot soldiers to burst into flames. Aaron packs his things in order to leave Willoughby as he fears his power will harm others. Rachel manages to track him down and convinces him otherwise. After Aaron has a seizure he explains to her that they need to move to a sawmill.

Nicole Ari Parker cleavage bra on Revolution as Justine Allenford

Miles, Charlie and Monroe; Charlie has managed to sneak into Willoughby unnoticed and has a happy reunion with Miles. The reunion is spoiled when she introduces him to Monroe. Both Monroe and Charlie convince Miles that he can’t take the patriots on alone. Miles reluctantly accepts Monroe’s help. Miles has a made a deal with the secretary of the interior of Texas (Jim Beaver). Texas will take on the patriots if Miles can find proof that they attempting to take over the country. The matter is complicated by the fact that Miles and Monroe once tried to have the man killed. The three walk into a patriot ambush but manage to kill everybody and take the leader prisoner. This is the same patriot who worked with Titus Andover and broke Miles’s hand. At the sawmill the three have an unhappy reunion with Rachel as she tries to shoot Monroe. Miles urges Charlie, Rachel and Aaron to hide in the loft as Miles and Monroe will deal with the secretary of the interior. The prisoner that was taken commits suicide with the use of a poisoned tooth. Miles has to admit that he failed to find evidence of the patriot plans. Then Monroe shoots dead the secretary and explains that they can make it look as though the patriots murdered him. The rest of the gang is utterly shocked by his deeds thus setting the scene for next week.

Aaron (Zak Orth) sets the car on fire - Revolution


I am happy that Monroe killed the Texas secretary. It continues the character theme of him being partly right but also doing dumb things that antagonize the people around him. It would seem that Monroe’s journey towards the light side will be long and full of TV complications. Watch the trailer of next weeks episode to start speculating. I am also happy that Neville didn’t leave Secretary Allenford to die. The sudden death of two characters in one episode after the previous weeks attrition wouldn’t be bearable. Her storyline almost mimicked that off Neville’s boss from last week but knowledge of Jason’s whereabouts saved her, for one more episode at least. The fact that she has split from the patriots means that she can help Neville answer a few questions about their motives and origins.

Aaron’s story was perhaps a bit melodramatic, but the background of his nanite abilities needed to be explained to further the story. I think his ‘Darth Vader’ abilities will change his character into becoming one of the more interesting one’s on Revolution. Jim Beaver’s guest appearance did a lot to add flavor to the episode, shame we won’t see him again. In short, fantastic story telling this week.

Score; 9 / 10.

Revolution will be back next week with the episode ‘Dead Man Walking’.