April 22, 2024


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Revolution - Mis Dos Padre - Joaquim De Almeida as the Cartel leader

Revolution S2Ep11 ‘Mis Dos Padres’ Review!

Revolution - Mis Dos Padre - The Whitehouse

This weeks episode continues where the last one left off, Miles and Rachel are going to attempt to rescue Monroe after he has been captured by a drug cartel in Mexico. That is kind-off all you need to know. There are three more storylines, those of the Neville’s, Aaron/Ex-wife and Charlie/Gene that never really get off the ground properly. I guess we will have to wait for those to get interesting some other time. In this episode, the Monroe/Miles/Rachel storyline is the meatier part of the story and it is pretty good too.

Revolution - Mis Dos Padre - Joaquim De Almeida as the Cartel leader

Mis Dos Padre

Aaron meets Grace in Spring City, Oklahoma. Aaron believes he was sent there to find her. Inside, Aaron finds Priscilla, his first wife. Aaron and Priscilla discover they have a connection with the nanotech and have both been seeing hallucinations and fireflies. They were both involved in the making of a code that allowed the nanotech to communicate. Conner marches him as prisoner to his mansion. Conner suggests that they sell him to the highest bidder. Miles and Rachel plan to rescue him. Monroe, who is behind bars, attempts to convince Conner to believe him, but when that doesn’t work, Miles bashes him over the head and releases Monroe. Monroe tells Miles he can’t leave, not when the blame would lie on Conner. Miles runs for it, but is captured. Conner punishes Monroe for trying to escape by whipping him in front of an audience, which includes Rachel. Rachel finds a way into the house, and is caught by Conner, who pushes a key into her hand. She releases Miles and Monroe, but they are caught on the way out and Conner is threatened for his betrayal. They brawl with the gang, and they take Conner with them when they run. Monroe tells Conner they will get back his territory, but they have to get rid of the Patriots first.

Revolution - Mis Dos Padre - Davis Lyons as Sebastian Monroe

Charlie and Gene spy on the construction of a US Patriots tent. When Gene spots a friend of theirs, they go to rescue him. Gene sneaks in, only to find that his friend is dead. Charlie comes after him, but they are both caught by the majority of the armed Patriots. Truman brings them to another tent and releases their handcuffs. They are led into the tent, where it is revealed that there is a breakout of typhus. They are building a quarantine camp for the outbreak in the general populace. Tom delivers a bouquet of flowers to Julia and presses her about becoming security for her ‘husband’, who is Chief of Staff. Jason and Neville discover that there are new re-education camps being opened all across the United States. Neville and Julia argue about what she is doing to protect him and Jason by being the wife of the Chief of Staff. Someone broke into the Chief of Staff’s office and Julia believed it to be Neville, but he denies it. Jason admits to the break-in. Jason is quickly found by security and taken away.

Revolution - Mis Dos Padre - Rachel Matheson (Elizabeth Mitchell) arriving at the Cartel party


‘Mis Dos Padre’ is an episode that gives me mixed feelings. The Monroe/Matheson storyline is pretty straightforward and I am eager to see Monroe take back his republic with his son, but the other three storylines kind off went nowhere. Aaron finding out that some of his code is in the nanites is nothing special and so is the reunion with his ex-wife. The storyline of the Neville’s and their Washington antics or Charlie and Gene taking on the patriots range from the outright unbelievable to the plain boring. Those storylines will need to make quite a few jumps before they will become interesting. Right now I am eagerly following David Lyons and Billy Burke in their respective characters Monroe and Matheson, they are pretty much the heart of the show and the reason most fans watch it. It was never really satisfactorily explained how the Monroe Republic imploded in just a few months after the events at The Tower and the shows creative staff have an obligation filling in the gaps. just because Philadelphia got nuked doesn’t mean all those armies of the republic just vanished from the field. This episode was at times slow, too slow. Three storylines that held up a Monroe rescue that took an entire episode to complete. Joaquim De Almeida made an excellent drug cartel leader (a role he is familiar with) and I was happy to see that he didn’t die at the end.

Score; 8 / 10. Not the seasons finest episode but its decent enough.

Source; http://www.nbc.com/revolution/

Revolution - Mis Dos Padre - Connor - Monroe's son