Preview of 2014 Science-Fiction TV shows!

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2 Responses

  1. Janice says:

    First episode: new ssientict meets the lab’s staff, ends with darkened lab and hands dropping a test tube. Second episode: people start dying, attributed to shape-shifter disease thing. Episodes 3-12: ssienticts conduct endless pseudo-trial, taking turns accusing each other of being shape-shifter-disease-carrier. Episode 13: Writers pick name out of hat as the shape-shifter-disease-carrier. Episode 14: The survivors reach the research station they have been trudging toward. Turns out they’re not really in the Antarctic. Writers throw darts to determine whether they are on an alien planet, in the Amazon or Times Square.

    • kane2026 says:

      No, they are not in the Antarctic. I caught on when they mentioned polar bears. Though they do mention that no country has any jurisdiction where they are located which is not the case in the northern hemisphere. My guess is that the story started with the Antarctic in mind but changed when they wanted to introduce the Inuit people. As I have mentioned in the season finale I thought the first half of the season was OK but the second half was just a mess.