June 18, 2024


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Revolution - Miles, Rachel and Charlie planning to free Aaron

Revolution S2Ep8 ‘Come Blow Your Horn’ Review!

Revolution - Miles, Rachel and Charlie planning to free Aaron

I am sorry that I didn’t review last weeks episode of Revolution, but all you need to know is that Monroe lived through his death sentence. Almost immediately the series switched gears and showed more of how the US government, or Patriots, work behind the scene. The patriots are season two’s latest antagonists and I guess we will have to forgive the show creators of not explaining just they became to powerful so quickly. I mean, where are the remnant armies of Georgia and the Monroe Republic? Anyway, this weeks episode is called ‘Come Blow Your Horn’ and contrary to what some fans were expecting it is not a reference to the supposed sex scene between Rachel and Miles.

Revolution - A young doctor Horn and his father

Instead the title refers to doctor Horn, whom we previously already saw but only as cardboard cutout Patriot. This weeks episode follows Dr. horn in his hunt for Aaron which gives new impetus to his character besides whining about morality. Doctor Horn (played by Zeljko Ivanek) suffers from a inoperable brain tumour and wants tot be able to control Aaron’s spontaneous self-healing gift so he can be cured. Now, Dr. Horn is no fool, he knows about Aaron’s pyromaniac instinct so he uses Cynthia as leverage. If any harm comes to Horn his men will kill her. This leverage allows Horn to start experimenting on Aaron. Viewers are also shown flashbacks to Horn’s youth when his father disallowed medical help for his mother. Horn’s father was a fanatical believer in prayer as a cure and Horn never did forgave his father for his mother’s death. Horn is thus introduced in a spectacular fashion as the new arch villain of Revolution. Though I suspect that as he isn’t long for this world and that he will go out in a spectacular fashion within an episode or two.

Revolution - Tracy Spiridakos as Charlie Matheson

Meanwhile, Rachel, Miles and Charlie are dealing with the aftermath of Gene’s betrayal. Charlie may have forgiven him after she hears his impassioned speech about protecting Rachel and Charlie’s lives from the terrorist Miles Matheson. Instead Rachel continues to be Rachel with making bad-tempered decisions. She plans to kill Dr. Horn using poisonous gas. She ignores the fact that her father Gene is with him and is only stopped by Miles when he discovers Horn holds Aaron captive. Miles and Rachel later capture Gene and he explain why he fell in league with the Patriots. He explains he needed the medicine to save the town from Cholera. He questions Rachel and Miles whether they have ever made any bad decisions for a good cause. Just as the Patriots are about to capture the gang Gene manages to create a diversion helping them escape. Gene is about to be executed by Truman. We will have to wait until next week to find out what happens. Now that Rachel managed to briefly reconcile with her father Gene it would appear that her character has turned a corner. I hope she will stop being the neurotic Sarah Connor prototype and turn into a mature cast member just like her daughter. Who herself has transformed into a very young Sarah Connor.

Revolution - Billy Burke as Miles Matheson

Tom Neville continues to hold Justine Allenford captive. Tom blackmails her husband into handing her in. This will save Mr. Allenford from execution and allow Neville to ingratiate himself with the Patriots. Mr. Allenford agrees to the terms and follows Tom back to the hiding place. After a scene in which Allenford turns the gun unto Neville they arrive. Mr. Allenford shoots his wife as she pleads for her life. I can only presume she is dead though we will have to wait until next week to be sure. It sure means that Neville has few gripes regarding murder for his own cause and Revolution keeps pulling more punches. I liked Nicole Ari Parker’s depiction of Justine Allenford, her character added a bit of counterweight after the death of Nora and President Foster when it comes to the female characters.

Revolution - Doctor Horn torturing Aaron (Zak Orth)

Monroe only had a few brief scenes this week just like last week, but they were very good. It may be that Monroe’s story will only be furthered after this story arc is finished but I suspect the creative staff really did want to bump him off earlier. Sounds like fan outcry is good for something.

Despite some strong character moments this week it does feel like the show is starting to get a bit stuck in Willoughby. It’s unrealistic to think that all the plots major villains and heroes will make their way to this little town in Texas to solve all the plot lines. Lost once famously had Miles Straume comment that all they did was walk from the beach to Dharmaville and back. Revolution suffers from this in the relationship between Rachel and Miles.

Score; 8.3 / 10.

Revolution - Justine Allenford (Nicole Ari Parker) after being shot to death by her husband