February 21, 2024


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Mr. Robot Preview. Rami Malek as Elliot.

Mr. Robot – New Hacking TV-show Preview

Mr. Robot Preview. Rami Malek as Elliot.

Mr. Robot Preview…

Frequent visitors to this blog will know one of my interest is network security, or hacking. Sadly the topic if often misunderstood. Strictly speaking hacking means to learn. And you can learn about an information system to help protect it or if you are what is known as a black-hat hacker to crack it. Plenty of movies and TV-shows have attempted to depict hacking in a realistic way. Of the top of my head I would say that The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Sneakers and certain scenes from TRON Legacy are the only ones that come close to accurately depict hacking. The recent TV show CSI Cyber must be considered an epic failure with impossible Hollywood style hacking scenes.

Teaser Trailer…

Now there is also Mr. Robot, a upcoming TV-show by USA Network that will première on June 24th. The series stars Rami Malek (The Pacific) and Christian Slater (The Name Of The Rose). The show is created by Sam Esmail and will be about a hacker Elliot (Malek) who is approached by the mysterious Mr. Robot (Slater) to uncover a global conspiracy. So far the few details that have been released were well received. An extended trailer which you can view below was screened at the South by Southwest festival where it garnered positive opinion. From what can be seen in the trailers and teasers is that the show will focus a great deal on the drama and psychological aspects of hacking. The story is framed in a background set after all the security leaks that have occurred.

Mr. Robot Preview. Global Conspiracy

Extended Tribeca Sneak Peek…

Strangely enough Christian Slater is conspicuously absent from all the teasers and trailers. Some have wondered if his character Mr. Robot is a reference to the Styx song Mr. Roboto. Slater starred in another TV-Show a few years back called Breaking In that sadly only lasted for one season. From what I have seen of the trailers the show reminds me a lot of movies such as Three Days Of The Condor which is considered an example of ‘Retro Cinema’ in that pieces of unknown history are filled in.

Mr. Robot Preview. Elliot in the subway

Official Extended Trailer…

If you don’t want to wait until June 24th to found if Mr. Robot will be any good then there are other options to see it. There is a good chance you can view it on Twitch TV @ http://www.twitch.tv/WhoisMrRobot. Though it is not clear whether this première is already over. If that doesn’t work then you can always try a good torrent website (hint).