No Time To Die Trailer Discussion starring Daniel Craig

One of the most anticipated movie for 2020 is No Time To Die. Its the 25th James Bond movie, if you don’t count two unofficial adaptations, and the fifth and last installment starring Daniel Craig. Today the trailer was released and it marveled the viewer because it was so good. The movie is directed by […]

Mr. Robot Season Finale Review

Finally the last episode of Mr. Robot has aired. The episode was after the shooting that occurred on live TV in America. After seeing the episode I agree it was the right decision. Welcome to the Mr. Robot Season Finale Review. Be warned there are plenty of spoilers below. If you haven’t watched the episode […]

Mr. Robot Episode 2 Review -eps1.1_ones-and-zer0es.mpeg

Mr. Robot Episode 2 Review Welcome back to the Mr. Robot Episode 2 Review. The second episode of Mr. Robot started where the pilot stopped – in the boardroom of Evil-Corp. Elliot has not been discovered as the true hacker who framed an E-Corp executive. Instead CTO Tyrell Wellick (Martin Wallström) announces that E-Corp will never rely […]

Mr. Robot Pilot Review

Tonight (June 24th) anyone can watch the new USA Network TV show starring Rami Malek. Mr. Robot offers a glimpse into the world of hacking, vigilante activism and powerful corporate interests. It promises smart writing, a familiar but interesting lead character and a new take on the hacktivism that became popular after the global economic crisis. This is […]

Mr. Robot – New Hacking TV-show Preview

Mr. Robot Preview… Frequent visitors to this blog will know one of my interest is network security, or hacking. Sadly the topic if often misunderstood. Strictly speaking hacking means to learn. And you can learn about an information system to help protect it or if you are what is known as a black-hat hacker to […]