Review of 2600 The Hacker Quarterly Winter 2020

It is mid-January and that means its time for the winter issue of 2600 The Hacker Quarterly. I have been an avid fan of the magazine for years. In the editorial “From the Ashes” I was pleased to read how the staff behind the magazine have overcome last years challenges. The digital edition is doing […]

Paged Out! – introducing a new Hacker Zine

Recently I have become aware of the existence of a new zine geared towards hackers and expert programmer. It is called Paged Out! and is freely available from their website. The zine is the brainchild of Gynvael Colwind (probably not his real name) and has so far seen two issues released: in August and November. […]

Review of 2600 The Hacker Quarterly Autumn 2019

For almost a decade I have been an avid reader of one particular Hacker zine: 2600 The Hacker Quarterly. First launched in 1984 the title is reference to the dial tone that was used on older non-digital telephones. Mimicking this sound it allowed those so inclined to make long distance calls for free if necessary. […]

Hack Yourself First Review – an introduction not to miss

A few days ago I managed to obtain a review copy of a recently released book on cyber security. It is called Hack Yourself First by Stephen Haywood. I have a read a fair number of books on the topic during the past decade and I can tell you: less is more. Plenty of tomes […]

Programming Games: What are they? Are they any fun?

Over the last few years I have played a number of programming games. It had me questioning as to why. There must be a reason I play them like some sort of Pavlov reaction. Especially the Zachtronics games have become my favorites. The challenge and novelty are certainly reasons, but ultimately they approach a world […]

Wireless hacking – A new chapter from my book Linux, Programming and Hacking

Hello readers, currently I am putting the finishing touches on the second edition of my book Linux, Programming and Hacking. As such I will be posting a few sample chapters for review until release in late December. This chapter is on wireless hacking, specifically WPA/WPA2 and WPS. Enjoy and please do leave a comment below. […]

Hackers 20th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray Review

One of my favorite movie subgenres is about hacking. Movies such as WarGames, Sneakers and The Matrix are probably the reason why I am doing a PhD in Computer Science (besides the toiling work of writing about Science Fiction). Another movie that should be on that list is the 1995 movie Hackers by director Iain Softley. A […]

Mr. Robot – New Hacking TV-show Preview

Mr. Robot Preview… Frequent visitors to this blog will know one of my interest is network security, or hacking. Sadly the topic if often misunderstood. Strictly speaking hacking means to learn. And you can learn about an information system to help protect it or if you are what is known as a black-hat hacker to […]

Penetration testing A Hands-on introduction to hacking by Georgia Weidman Review!

As I have studied Computer Science I am naturally interested in Penetration Testing. No one wants to leave their computer or mobile devices unprotected, but I also wanted to know more on how such dark arts are performed. I don’t want to know that because I want break into some one’s computer but I would like […]