Outcast: Second Contact – Do we really want a remake?

Outcast: Second Contact – Do we really want a remake? All too often I find that my mind has played a trick on me, as with the news of Outcast: Second Contact. My opinion of some games and movies is way better than they deserve. Perhaps ‘deserve’ is not the right word. I remember them […]

Python programming – an introduction to coding

Python programming The text below is a sample chapter of a book on the Linux command line, programming and hacking that I am writing. It is tentatively scheduled for release in January 2016. If you find any typo’s or blatant errors please feel free to email me and I will make corrections. Please note this chapter is intended for those […]

PAMELA Preview – open-world survival horror mixes BioShock and Mass Effect

Nvyve throws caution in the wind – PAMELA Preview One of the most sought after games for 2016 is the open-world survival-horror game PAMELA, stylized as P.A.M.E.L.A. The game has been in development with a small indie game producer NVYVE Studios. NVYVE has only six employees who are working full-time to bring the game to release for STEAM. PAMELA is […]

Mr. Robot – New Hacking TV-show Preview

Mr. Robot Preview… Frequent visitors to this blog will know one of my interest is network security, or hacking. Sadly the topic if often misunderstood. Strictly speaking hacking means to learn. And you can learn about an information system to help protect it or if you are what is known as a black-hat hacker to […]

TRON 3 starts filming fall 2015

TRON 3 starts filming fall 2015 It has been a long wait, but Vancity Buzz Entertainment’s Lindsay Barker has finally confirmed that TRON 3 starts filming fall 2015 in Vancouver. The news will still need to be confirmed but it seems quite solid. Lindsay Barker adds that only Garret Hedlund who played Sam Flynn is at this […]

Tron Legacy command line explained

A few days ago I posted a sample chapter of a computer textbook I have worked on. It is entitled ‘Linux, Programming and Hacking for Beginner’. I promised that every chapter would be accompanied by a section that shows how popular culture handles the topic. For the first chapter I had selected Tron Legacy and […]