July 20, 2024


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New Fringe Teaser!

Here is the fourth Fringe teaser entitled ‘Where is Peter Bishop?”, similar to the first three teasers they stay true to their category with only revealing tiny snippets of information. The shows creative staff always kinda like these sorts of mystery things, its gets the buzz going for their show…. and it does seem to be working, there is already quite a bit of buzz surrounding season 4 of Fringe. Despite the creative staff of Fringe being from ‘Bad Robot Productions’ I would have expected more from them over the years when it comes to this sort of hype creating mysteries.

As of yet no further news on Fringe season 4, producers are keeping a tight lip, as every fan wants.

The teaser itself does beg some questions, if Olivia’s high powered senses thinks something is off, then what of Walter? Also, if the disappearance of Peter is already teasered so much, doe that mean it will al be solved in the first episode of season 4. The whole thing also reminds me of the clothing actor Joshua Jackson was wearing to Comic-Con 2011 which were similar to those of observers. Has Peter bishop become an observer?

We will know on September 23rd.