May 22, 2024

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Alphas Renewed for second season!

Sorry dear readers for having been absent for more than a week and being a bit late with the customary triad of SyFy channel reviews but college has been hell at the moment and of course takes first priority.

Be sure to know that the Warehouse 13 review is still in the making but last weeks episodes of Eureka and Alphas were below par and could be rated mediocre rather of hand.

Speaking of mediocre I have the duty to report that Alphas starring David Strathairn and company has just been renewed for a another season of 13 episodes. The first season thus far has been a mixed bag of with some excellent but mostly mediocre episodes. The episodes that focus on the Alphas mythology have so far been the best and the ‘Rouge-Alpha’ of the week shows quite frankly have been rather derivative and boring. Somehow it doesn’t manage to be as exciting as when CSI is being derivative (which now almost every episode).

I’m happy that this show gets another chance but than again the options for the Syfy channel were slim with its competition breathing down it neck. However, the shows creative staff will need to pull every ounce of strength to make it to season 3.

Alphas will be back for the remainder of season 1 on the 12th of september