Showcase puts final season Continuum online!

Showcase puts final season Continuum online! In a surprise move Canadian broadcaster Showcase placed the première episode of Continuum’s final season online. Continuum is of course the show that stars Rachel Nichols as the time-travelling police officer from the year 2077. She must attempt to stop terrorist from changing history. The show was co-developed by Syfy who won’t […]

Continuum Season 4 Trailer Released!

Finally Syfy and Showcase have started their promotion of the upcoming last season of Continuum. With just over a month away from release I started to fear the producers wanted to bury this show quickly. Luckily that is not the case, but promotion is a problem. Continuum has been cancelled, after the upcoming 6 episodes it […]

Continuum renewed for shortened 4th season!

Continuum renewed for shortened 4th season It appears that December is the new August, not November! Finally fans of Syfy’s Continuum (actually Showcase’s) starring Rachel Nichols can rejoice with knowledge the show will be extended. However, its fourth season will also be its last and it will only be 6 episodes long. Just enough to […]

Continuum Season 3 Finale Last Minute Review

Continuum Season 3 Finale Last Minute Review Season 3 of Continuum has ended and oh boy did this show change for the better. While I won’t say that I understood all of plotlines (we are dealing with time travel) at least the disorder from season 2 is gone. Continuum season 3 has ended about a […]

Continuum S3Ep8 So Do Our Minutes Hasten Review

This week’s episode off Continuum brings the story back to 2014 and puts us right back in the action. ‘So Do Our Minutes Hasten’ is a suspenseful episode that at times feels overwhelming. Too many times I kind of lost the plot. The episode in that regards reminds me of some of the weaker episodes […]

Continuum S3Ep7 Waning Minute Review

So far I haven’t been much of a fans of the third season of Continuum. This season is a lot better than season 2 but sadly it makes unique mistakes of its own. I dare say I feel far less invested in the characters than I did before. Both Kiera and Alec (both versions) have become […]

Continuum Season 3 Preview!

With all the episodes of Person of Interest, Agents of SHIELD and Almost Human you would almost forget that there are other shows. One of those is Showcases’s/Syfy Channel’s Continuum which will be back for its third season on March 16th. That’s right, on Sunday evening. I only heard of the show just a day […]

Continuum S2Ep11 Second Guess Review!

Another episode of Continuum has aired so we are up for another review. Just like last week’s episode we had another strong showing this week. It did not make the mistake of introducing too much drama and yet it addressed many issues that had bugged fans of the show for some time. It’s only downside is […]

Continuum season 2 starts on Showcase tonight!

Tonight on Showcase Continuum will be back for its second season with the episode ‘Second Chances’. For those who don’t subscribe to Showcase, Syfy will start airing it from June 7th onward. Syfy Channel for that matter seems to have adopted Continuum as a show of its own. Season 1 may be best considered a rough diamond […]

Continuum Season Finale Endtime Review!

Endtime is the finale of the first season of Continuum. After ten episodes I can categorically say that I want more. Most TV-shows that are considered great have had worse quality first seasons than Continuum, Endtime is in fact the best TV hour since Game of Thrones season 2 episode ‘Blackwater’. I might add that though Continuum […]