April 22, 2024


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William B. Davis in Continuum Season 4 trailer

Continuum Season 4 Trailer Released!

William B. Davis in Continuum Season 4 trailer

Finally Syfy and Showcase have started their promotion of the upcoming last season of Continuum. With just over a month away from release I started to fear the producers wanted to bury this show quickly. Luckily that is not the case, but promotion is a problem. Continuum has been cancelled, after the upcoming 6 episodes it is truly over. However, I am eager to watch the last season and discover how show runner Simon Barry intends it to end. Below you can watch the 30 second teaser trailer courtesy of TVLine.com – Enjoy!

Continuum Season 4 Trailer

My opinion of the trailer is that the last shortened season won’t hold back. With just six episodes to go the story will move in a fast pace to tie up all the loose ends. It appears that Rachel Nichols’s character Kiera isn’t the only one wanting to go back to 2077, but her new found allies Liber8 want that as well. Travis (Roger Cross), Garza (Luvia Petersen) and Chen (Curtis Chen) are featured a lot in the trailer as well as some new faces. Stephen Lobo will also return as Kellog. Some fans have speculated he may well be the main villain for the remainder of the show. The cast of course also includes Erik Knudsen, Victor Webster and William B. Davis.

Below I also have some screencaps from the trailer. Sadly they are not very good and include the javascript icon right in the center.

Richols Nichols as Kiera Cameron in Continuum Season 4 Luvia Peterseon as Garza in Continuum season 4 trailer Terry Chen as Curtis Chen in Continuum season 4 trailer

Continuum season 4 will start on September 4th. Be sure to come back afterwards for the review here on SciFiEmpire.net. This was Continuum Season 4 Trailer. I hoped you enjoyed reading this article.

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