February 27, 2024


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Continuum season 2 starts on Showcase tonight!

continuum season 2 logo - rachel nichols

Tonight on Showcase Continuum will be back for its second season with the episode ‘Second Chances’. For those who don’t subscribe to Showcase, Syfy will start airing it from June 7th onward. Syfy Channel for that matter seems to have adopted Continuum as a show of its own. Season 1 may be best considered a rough diamond whose edges need to be smoothed. As it has been a somewhat disappointing year for Science-fiction on TV I am excited with Continuum’s attempt at boldly going were few shows dare to go.

Here is a preview of tonight’s episode…

Second Chances continues immediately were the season 1 finale left off. So I may suggest another viewing of that episode.

Here is a small synopsis of tonight’s episode…

Downtown Vancouver is in ruins after Kagame’s suicide bomb attack at City Plaza. Alec Sadler gets a game-changing email from his future self saying it was him who sent Central Protective Services cop Kiera Cameron and terrorist group Liber8 65 years back in time for a reason. A devastated Kiera goes underground, becoming a vigilante helping out the city’s downtrodden. But when Vancouver’s mayor is suddenly assassinated, Kiera realizes she must rejoin the police department and her partner, Carlos Fonnegra to find the murderer. That she must confront and destroy Liber8 and its minions to preserve the future for her husband and young son, once and for all…or die trying. But she can’t even get a hold of Alec, who is beyond-spooked at the shock email.

As for season 2, from the preview it seems that the creative staff have certainly remedied some of the rough edges of season 1. I am sad that the wonderful character of Kagame (played by Tony Amendola) is dead. However, as it is a time-travel show we might yet see him again. The origins of terrorist group Liber8 still need to be explored further.

Though already introduced in the season 1 finale, Nicholas Lea’s character Agent Gardiner will play at least a recurring role in season 2. Agent Gardiner of course saw Kiera (Rachel Nichols) use technology from the future. It will be exciting to find out how that will unravel in future episodes.

Be sure to make your way back to SciFiEmpire.net tomorrow for the review of ‘Second Chances’.

Source; http://www.showcase.ca/continuum/