Person Of Interest S5Ep01 B.S.O.D. Review

Person Of Interest S5Ep01 B.S.O.D. Review 5 years ago when I started SciFiEmpire one of the first articles I wrote was a preview of Person Of Interest. I felt excited and intrigued by the idea of Lost star Michael Emerson teaming up with Jim Caviezel to fight crimes before they occurred. It helped that big names […]

Person of Interest Season 5 Preview – Should it be the show’s last?

Person of Interest Season 5 Preview At this years Comic-Con in San Diego PoI’s cast and executive producer talked about the show’s future. After season 4 fans have started speculating whether or not Person Of Interest should wrap things up with a fifth season or whether there should only be a shortened 13-episode season to […]

Person of Interest S4Ep11 If-Then-Else Review

Person of Interest S4Ep11 If-Then-Else Review Person of Interest not only knows how to blow away half the cast but also the audience in this weeks spectacular episode. I had seen the preview trailer and I knew Denise The had written the episode. Yet I was still stunned how well it was crafted. The title […]

Person of Interest S4Ep9 The Devil You Know Review

Invictus Maneo It is strange that this episode of Person of Interest had so many one-liners. It makes it hard to choose a suitable subtitle. Would it be ‘there is always a way out’? Reese (Jim Caviezel) would have liked that. Or Dominic’s line ‘the game within a game’, but that sounds too much like a tagline […]

Person of Interest S4Ep5 Prophets Review

For a few weeks now viewers have been able to enjoy the new format of Person Of Interest. With Finch, Reese, Shaw and Root hiding from Samaritan the series has become more dynamic. It reminds me a lot of the first season when Reese was not yet the Superman caricature he became during season 2. […]

Person Of Interest S2Ep2 Nautilus Review

After last weeks episode of Person of Interest I felt re-invigorated to continue watching this show. Jonathan Nolan’s has managed to pull off an impressive reboot since the death of Detective Carter. This week’s episode entitled ‘Nautilus’ has come as the icing on the cake by giving the prime antagonist, the AI called Samaritan, real character as […]

Person Of Interest Season 4 Episode 1 Panopticon Review

Person Of Interest is finally back for its fourth season. I haven’t looked forward to PoI’s since the end of season 1, but the changes made during its third season finally seem to pay off. The Tuesday slot that PoI is rather crowded but it is still my number one TV show. Person Of Interest […]

Person of Interest Season 4 Preview

The fall is almost upon us and you know what that means. TV shows, lots of TV-shows. Some of the new ones such as Gotham, Constantine, NCIS New Orléans and many more. While others will start their make or break second season (Agents of SHIELD and The Blacklist). Frankly there is simply too much to review for one author […]

Person Of Interest S3Ep22 A House Divided Review

A Sky Of Flame’s This is one strange episode of Person of Interest. I almost started hating it in the beginning. That was until I saw where it was slowly going with the plot. Both the dénouement between Hersh and Shaw and between Vigilance and Control are well worth the effort of carefully setting up the plot […]

Person Of Interest S3Ep13 ‘4C’ Preview

Last week’s episode of PoI ‘Aletheia’ was one hell of ride. The C.I.A led by Control and Hersh finally caught up with Harold and Shaw. Only the gun-blazing intervention of Root saved them but she was captured instead. During the torture she had to endure Root revealed that she can hear sound waves inaudible to […]