June 23, 2024


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Person of Interest Logo - Jonathan Nolan starring Jim Caviezel & Michael Emerson

Person Of Interest S3Ep13 ‘4C’ Preview

Person of Interest Logo - Jonathan Nolan starring Jim Caviezel & Michael Emerson

Last week’s episode of PoI ‘Aletheia’ was one hell of ride. The C.I.A led by Control and Hersh finally caught up with Harold and Shaw. Only the gun-blazing intervention of Root saved them but she was captured instead. During the torture she had to endure Root revealed that she can hear sound waves inaudible to others and thus can receive information from The Machine. Speaking as is she were The Machine she made it clear how she could hurt Control by taking the thing away that is most precious to her. The episode ended with this particular storyline still open and Root on the lam. Finch and Claypool were meanwhile held in a bank vault as they tried to retrieve the hard-drives for Samaritan. They were besieged by Vigilance who in turn were besieged by Hersh and the CIA. Finch and Claypool manage to escape with the help of Shaw, Fusco and Reese. However, Finch discovers that a woman who was found murdered in the bank had the same name as the woman who was with him inside the bank vault. He deduces that the assassin had gotten the hard drives out and swapped them for fakes. The last scene shows the assassin handing the hard-drives over to the leader of Decima, Mr. Greer, before she is also murdered.

And so the episode re-introduces some old enemies that viewers had probably forgotten even existed, but the real shocker cam when Mr. Reese walked off stating he was done helping people. We will have to see how the shows creative staff manage to convincingly place him back on the team because Reese sure as hell walked away with the intention of staying away.

Next week’s episode is entitled 4C in which Mr. Reese has to begrudgingly safe a fellow passenger on the flight out of New York. Despite his protestations there isn’t really much opportunity to ignore The Machine while confined to a 300 feet aluminum tube.

You can watch the extended promotional trailer for ‘4C’ below…

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