May 19, 2024

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Samaritan hunting Reese - Person Of Interest S4Ep2 Nautilus Review

Person Of Interest S2Ep2 Nautilus Review

Samaritan hunting Reese - Person Of Interest S4Ep2 Nautilus Review

After last weeks episode of Person of Interest I felt re-invigorated to continue watching this show. Jonathan Nolan’s has managed to pull off an impressive reboot since the death of Detective Carter. This week’s episode entitled ‘Nautilus’ has come as the icing on the cake by giving the prime antagonist, the AI called Samaritan, real character as well progress the mythology through the clever writing that has an ideal amount of humor. I hope you enjoy Person Of Interest S2Ep2 Nautilus Review

Michael Emerson as Harold Finch - Person Of Interest S4Ep2 Nautilus Review


Finch is put on a number of a PoI by Reese, who works for the NYPD. He slowly uncovers that Claire, his number, is playing a dangerous mind game with Samaritan, the AI run by Decima. She seems oblivious to the danger, which is made worse by mercenaries wanting to kill her for stealing secrets from Silverpool, a private military contractor. Claire is not the only person playing the game but she seems to continuously dodge various dangers. Finch both admires and fears her as she deals with Samaritan. Reese attempts to help Finch but he is reluctant to return to helping numbers if it meant revealing their identities to Samaritan.

Sarah Shahi as Shaw - Person Of Interest S4Ep2 Nautilus Review

Meanwhile Shaw is only slowly drawn into the game that Claire is playing. For most of the episode she is performing her duties as that of a burglar, which is part of her cover. Nonetheless while Root can only warn Finch that Claire is a carbon copy of her and be part of one scene dressed as a flight attendant Shaw stays with the team until the end.

Finch talking to Claire - Person Of Interest S4Ep2 Nautilus Review

Reese and Finch finally discover that the purpose of the game is to help Samaritan get files on potential competing AI projects which only a human agent could obtain. It is unclear how much Samaritan is doing on its own or whether Greer and Decima are giving it commands. For Claire the story does end with the game ending, in the last scene Claire is saved from the Silverpool assassins by an unknown sniper. She finds a smart phone which has a message from Samaritan. ‘I will keep you save now’.  We can assume it was Samaritan hiring a sniper but it may just as well have been Root.

Claire becoming an asset of Samaritan - Person Of Interest S4Ep2 Nautilus Review

The episode ends with Finch stating he is now committed now than ever before to save ‘the numbers’ and fight Samaritan. He shows Reese and Shaw their new underground lair, an abandoned subway station. Finch reminds Reese and Shaw that he couldn’t ask them to continue alone what he started in the first place.

Amy Acker as Root - Person Of Interest S2Ep2 Nautilus Review


Nautilus was surprisingly dark. It focused on the motives that Claire, Samaritan and Silverpool have and though I might understand them they are nonetheless evil. It became quite clear soon that Claire has the same dedication as Root. I have no doubt we will be hearing more of Claire in future episodes. The episode was marred by just a few moments of silliness, some might appreciate the humor but not everything worked. Reese taking down three mercenaries one after the other without them noticing anything went too far. The return of a hideout for Finch, Reese and Shaw does mean to some extent also a return to status quo, but I hope that some of the improvements we have seen will remain. PoI will return next week with the episode Wingman. This was Person Of Interest S2Ep2 Nautilus Review

Reese and Finch celebrating - Person Of Interest S2Ep2 Nautilus Review

Score; 9 / 10. My hat goes off to Michael Emerson and the actress playing Claire as well as the director for the wonderful cinematography and the writers for their writing.