First trailer for Star Trek Beyond blasts unto the internet!

First trailer for Star Trek Beyond blasts unto the internet! The first trailer for Star Trek Beyond was released unto the internet, and it’s nothing short of amazing! Paramount decided to release the trailer early even though it was supposed to show as a teaser in front of the Force Awakens. However, after some screen caps […]

Riddick 4 + series MERC CITY announced by Vin Diesel

Riddick returns Vin Diesel has announced that a new, 4th, Riddick movie is in development. The star from movies such as The Fast and the Furious and Saving Private Ryan used his usual swagger to tout that more Riddick was coming. If true, not only will a new movie feature the titular character but there will […]

Star Trek 3 News Roundup

Star Trek 3 News Roundup With J.J. Abrams directing Star Wars The Force Awakens you would almost forget that the Star Trek Reboot franchise will get a third movie. Star Trek 3, not to be confused with The Search For Spock, will be directed by Justin Lin (True Detective and Fast & Furious). Actor Simon […]

Almost Human S1Ep13 Season Finale ‘Straw Man’ Review

After not doing a preview of this weeks episode of Almost Human I completely missed that yesterday’s episode was also its seasons finale. Almost Human is sadly one of those shows that ahs to make do a with a half season of just 13 episodes. After the partial reboot of the show after episode 9 […]

Almost Human S1Ep10 ‘Perception’ Review

Last weeks episode of Almost Human practically rebooted the series and re-introduced The Syndicate as the main villains. This week’s episode ‘Perception’ also introduces new features to the show such as Detective Stahl’s genetic enhancements and Kennex’s drug addiction that was last mentioned in the pilot episode. Both this episode and that of last week […]

Almost Human S1Ep7 ‘Simon Says’ Review

Almost Human is back from its holiday hiatus with the episode ‘Simon Says’. Despite it being a good show it sadly did not use a cliffhanger like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D to keep viewers returning. Instead Almost Human is still in standalone mode with each episode being a self-contained story arc. The story thus progresses only […]

Almost Human S1Ep6 Arrhythmia Review!

This weeks episode of Almost Human is entitled ‘Arrhythmia’. It deals with a blackmail operation undertaken by a group of people who have access to artificial hearts. As there are citizens who can’t get insured in the future they buy such a ‘second-hand’ heart on the black market. They must pay a regular fee or otherwise their heart will be […]

Almost Human S1Ep5 ‘Blood Brothers’ Review!

Who is a clone? Blood Brothers is an effective procedural whodunit. It established most of the pertinent facts quite early on, so in fact it was no big mystery that the antagonist Ethan Avery used clones to commit his crimes. The episode can thus focus more on unraveling the reason why he was clones in the first […]

Almost Human S1Ep5 ‘Blood Brothers’ Preview!

Last week’s episode of Almost Human left me with mixed feelings. Watching the character of Rudy Lom (Mckenzie Crook) grow and take a more central role on the show was fun, along with the good dose of humor. However, the humor also undermined an episode that was focused on drugs and corruption within the police force. That combined with a […]