June 18, 2024


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Almost Human - Blood Brothers - Karl Urban as Kennex

Almost Human S1Ep5 ‘Blood Brothers’ Preview!

Almost Human - Karl Urban and Michael Ealy - www.scifiempire.net

Last week’s episode of Almost Human left me with mixed feelings. Watching the character of Rudy Lom (Mckenzie Crook) grow and take a more central role on the show was fun, along with the good dose of humor. However, the humor also undermined an episode that was focused on drugs and corruption within the police force. That combined with a few leaps that I thought went too far (such as Rudy cooking the drugs for the drug lord in under 2 minutes) made the episode feel weaker than it needed to be. At this moment four episodes have aired and it is becoming difficult to judge what kind of show Almost Human is going to be.

Because of the lower than anticipated ratings of the show some very bleak commentators have already suggested that Fox could cancel Almost Human by the end of the season. I think it is too early to say for sure but Almost Human could be suffering from standing in the shadows of Fringe. That show was great but also suffered from inexplicable lower ratings over its five seasons. Time will tell.

Episode # 5 should feature Minka Kelly more prominently as Detective Stahl. From the 30 second promo it is hard to say what the episode is all about. Though I surmise that the antagonist has a double while the ‘psychic’ is a plant. If you haven’t got a clue what all that means then you haven’t watched the promo yet. It strangely reminded me a bit of Continuum. Be sure to surf back on Tuesday for the review of ‘Blood Brothers’.

Below are the promo picture of the episode…

Almost Human - Blood Brothers - Karl Urban as Kennex Almost Human - Captain Maldonado (Lili Taylor) escorting the prisoner Almost Human - Blood Brothers - Michael Ealy as Dorian and Karl Urban as Kennex Almost Human - John Kennex (Karl Urban) Almost Human - Minka Kelly as Stahl Almost Human - Karl Urban

PS, on the rather good French website linked below you can see a overview of the release schedule for Almost Human. It confirms that the they are shown out of sync with the production schedule. The second episode aired was actually the fifth produced etcetera. There has been no announcement of when episodes 2 through 4 will air.

Source; http://almosthumanfrance.blogspot.nl/