June 24, 2024


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Almost Human - Karl Urban and Michael Ealy - www.scifiempire.net

Almost Human cancelled by Fox

Almost Human - Karl Urban and Michael Ealy - www.scifiempire.net

In news that has taken me a little bit by surprise I am sad to inform readers of this blog that Almost Human has been cancelled after just one season. I am surprised the news came so suddenly because despite lower than expected ratings they did not seem desperate. I really liked this show, Karl Urban and Michael Ealy had very good chemistry together as John Kennex and Dorian. The special effects were also top notch and the show wasn’t afraid to tackle difficult topics such as sex-trafficking and pointless violence. Nonetheless the first half dozen episodes felt rushed, there were no overall story arc to connect them together and they were shown out of order.

Almost Human - sex bot in garter belt

In short the show felt rushed at times, which is sadly all too familiar for those produced by Bad Robot Productions. J.J. Abrams production company is slowly starting to create a reputation for making one season wonders. Previous shows cancelled early were Alcatraz, Six Degrees and Undercovers. Other show such as Revolution (which is airing tonight) will probably be cancelled after its second season, both Fringe and Lost lasted only for five seasons despite excellent starts. To top it off, Believe, which is in its first season now is also in the danger zone. In my opinion Almost Human was too formulaic, it couldn’t escape from out for the shadows of Fringe which it resembled too much.

Almost Human - Unbound - Gina Carano wearing a corset as Danica

Such a shame for those enjoying the true futuristic vision that Almost Human brought to the small screen. I guess we will never know what happened between Kennex and his terrorist girlfriend and what the Syndicate were after. Bad Robot Productions is currently busy working on a Batman TV prequel called Gotham which has received a lot of good buzz. I won’t holding my hopes up too much for J.J. Abrams has disappointed me one too many times. Cheers!

Almost Human - Dorian and the female sexbot


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