The Mandalorian Chapter 3 The Sin Review

So far every episode of The Mandalorian has been a delight. Episode 3 – The Sin – deals with the aftermath of Mando brining back his bounty to The Client (played by Werner Herzog). Despite the handsome payment Mando shows doubt. The Client senses this and warns the scientist with his small imperial cadre to […]

Revolution S2Ep20 Tomorrowland Review

It has been a while since I last posted a review of Revolution. The show has seen a remarkable improvement in quality during its second season. However, a 22 episode season is also far too long. The second half of season 2 saw the storyline slowing down and becoming repetitive. Only now that we are moving […]

Revolution S2Ep5 ‘One Riot, One Ranger’ Review!

Revolution seems to be on a winning streak as of late. I personally had my doubts whether the ‘patriots’ would be any good as antagonists but so far season 2 has not disappointed. This weeks episode ‘One Riot, One Ranger’ is very effective in increasing both the scope of the Revolution’s universe as well as in furthering […]

Revolution S2Ep3 ‘Love Story’ Review

With this weeks episode, ‘Love Story’, Revolution continues to improve in quality. The show keeps handing out some hard punches but at the cost of a very fast past that sadly causes us to lose a character that was only recently introduced. As explained in the review of the previous episode Revolution has now been divided […]

Revolution S2Ep2 ‘There Will Be Blood’ Review

Revolution is one of those shows that everyone at times seems to love to hate. Season 1 for that matter got a lot of flak. Despite being a Bad Robot productions series it hardly lived up to the quality of other shows such as Lost, Fringe and Person of Interest. Instead it came closer to Alcatraz in […]

Revolution ‘The Song Remains The Same’ Preview!

Tomorrow the thirteenth episode of Revolution will air. Since the return of Revolution after it’s hiatus fans have received one dud episode and one that was above-average but suffered from some sloppiness. Last week’s episode (Ghosts) certainly set the stage but suffered from improbable knife fights and characters doing things for no obvious reasons. Early indications are that tomorrow’s episode […]

Revolution ‘Soul Train’ Preview and ‘The Plague Dogs’ Review!

The fifth episode of Revolution is called ‘Soul Train’ and by the looks of the previews pictures and trailer it is going to push this series into a higher gear, the previous four episode are thus no more than an introductory to help set the story and the world of Revolution. Last episode of course […]