June 24, 2024


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Tracy Spiridakos as Charlie Matheson - Revolution

Revolution S2Ep3 ‘Love Story’ Review

Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) and Monroe (David Lyons) - Revolution

With this weeks episode, ‘Love Story’, Revolution continues to improve in quality. The show keeps handing out some hard punches but at the cost of a very fast past that sadly causes us to lose a character that was only recently introduced. As explained in the review of the previous episode Revolution has now been divided into three main storylines. I will briefly explain the events of all three.

Titus's men - Revolution

Rachel, Miles and Aaron; this is still the ‘main’ storyline. Last week Aaron got resurrected by the nanites (presumably) and Miles got captured by the gang/army led by a rather colorful man called ‘Titus’. This week it becomes clear that Titus captured Miles for his o-negative blood so he can keep his wife alive a little while longer. Rachel and her father rescue Miles and Titus’s wife. for the rest of the episode a showdown ensues outside the little hamlet where our gang is staying. It transpires that Titus has been paid  to capture the hamlet on the orders of the US Government. Titus and Miles eventually settle upon a deal, Titus’s wife will be released and in return all the villagers will be given safe passage. Titus’s wife commits suicide to be free of him and the last carriage out of town with Aaron on is ambushed when Titus finds out. Titus is himself killed by an US government henchmen while our gang seeks shelter from his men. They are rescued in the nick of time by soldiers from the US government. You can speculate how that will turn out in the next episode. Rachel managed to get herself arrowed so I wonder if she will be resurrected as well.

Giancarlo Esposito as Tom Neville - Revolution

Monroe and Charlie; their storyline is a bit brief but eventful. Charlie and her new best-friend bounty hunter are after Monroe but the bounty hunter makes it clear he needs him alive to trade him for his father. Eventually Monroe manages to ambush them and knock out the bounty hunter. Monroe confronts Charlie with his wanted poster which Charlie hardly thinks is a surprise, but then he shows her Rachel’s wanted poster as well. The bounty hunter admits he isn’t hunting Monroe for his father but for diamonds. Monroe speculates that the US government people are connected to Randall Flynn based on a Masonry symbol on the wanted poster. Monroe suggests the two of them try to safe Rachel and Miles but Charlie says they won’t accept his help and walks off.

Tracy Spiridakos as Charlie Matheson - Revolution

Tom & Jason; after being accepted as part of the US government Tom says that their cover needs to be perfect and burns Julia’s picture. They are nonetheless knocked unconscious by thugs who turn out to be working for the US government. Apparently they do know who Tom was in a previous life. He manages to convince them he is trying to find Monroe because he blames him for the nukes. The US government representatives accept him but have a special interest in Jason. Presumably Jason will act as some sort of hostage.

Titus's wife commits suicide - Revolution


The episode had a fast pace except for the ending. A lot of people die when Titus’s men charge the hamlet and I have lost count of the number of sheriff’s that have died this season. The only significant person dead would be Titus, and we only just started to know him… a shame. Rachel’s father life also hangs in the balance as he was about to be rushed by Titus’s thugs. Overall the episode manages to keep everybody in the action and manages to juggle storylines reasonably well. So far season 2 hasn’t disappointed but improvements are always welcome.

Score; 8.2 / 10.

Source; http://www.nbc.com/revolution/

Billy Burke as Miles Matheson - Revolution