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Carrie Fisher metal bikini with Warwick Davis

Carrie Fisher metal bikini with Warwick Davis

Star Wars Episode 7 Preview & Casting News!

Star Wars Logo (1920 1080)

Reporting the news around Star Wars  Episode 7 is a hard thing to do as frankly we know very little that is official. The news that is reported is often so little and based on rumors that it is either unworthy to report or you can wait a week for it to be confirmed or debunked. However, one story that keeps being reported is that the script for Episode 7 is still unfinished even though production for the movie was started months ago. Officially filming is rumored to start during the spring for a planned December 18th 2015 release. So if principal photography finishes late in the summer than post-production can barely last more than 16 months, which would set a new record for Star Wars. This entire schedule hinges on the script being finished on time and it has already seen several writers having a crack at it. Movies that were shot with unfinished scripts include Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, The Matrix Reloaded and Back To The Future 2. All these sequels received lower than necessary marks because of what were deemed to be rushed productions. It is a track record that has many Star Wars fans worried. The movie is of course being directed by J.J. Abrams (Mission Impossible 3 and Star Trek) and though his latest movie Star Trek Into Darkness was OK it also had numerous flaws, for some it was not Trekkie enough (I agree), it had a muddled script (I agree) and few of the core Trek characters got the necessary onscreen time. Fans are thus worried that the great director will either change too much of their beloved Star Wars or overreach himself.

star-wars-episode-7-original-cast - Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford

The only news that we do get with any regularity is on the casting of roles. We now know for certain that the original cast members; Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford will make a return for what will probably be more than just a cameo. I only hope that the movie won’t contradict the Star Wars Expanded Universe too much. Sure the Expanded Universe was murdered by utterly ridiculous plots and blatant recycling of storylines but there was a time (circa 1991 to 2000) when it was great. When it comes to the casting of the other roles for Star Wars Episode 7 it seems as if half of Hollywood has been invited. This weekend the list has been extended with Michael Fassbender (Prometheus), Hugo Weaving (The Matrix), Chiwetel Ejiofor and even Jesse Plemons (Todd from Breaking Bad). Some fans just about had enough, though I suppose its hard to admit that what they really want from the sequel is another half hour of seeing Carrie Fisher in a metal bikini. Though she joked doing it for fun last year I do hope everybody know that 30 years have passed. So far the saga of Star Wars Episode 7: The Drama Production continues and will only settle down once they actually start filming. In the meantime Lawrence Kasdan is rewriting the script, he still has 2+ weeks before he would fail that January 2014 deadline. If that wasn’t enough, we might also get a Boba Fett origin movie.

Speaking of metal bikini’s, that big oaf Peter Mayhew thought he could upstage George Takei as king of Twitter by posting picture of the production of Return of the Jedi. As some of the photos show Carrie Fisher as a slave Princes Leia wearing a metal bikini he may actually have a shot.

Carrie Fisher and stunt double as slave leia in metal bikini Carrie Fisher in metal bikini walking with Mark Hamill Carrie Fisher metal bikini with Warwick Davis

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