The Rise of Skywalker review – A lot better than expected

If there was one movie I was dreading to see this year then it would have been The Rise of Skywalker. The final movie of the sequel trilogy and the last depicting Skywalker has a nearly impossible task – provide a satisfactory ending and not rile up the Star Wars trolls. I think J.J. Abrams […]

Force Awakens Blu-Ray release set for early April

Force Awakens Blu-Ray release set for early April Today on Disney and LucasFilm announced the release of Star Wars The Force Awakens on Blu-Ray and Digital HD. After a week of speculation, mostly correctly, the announcement confirmed viewers at home will be able to enjoy the massively new popular movie in early April. The Digital […]

Gwendoline Christie confirms Captain Phasma to return for Episode 8

Captain Phasma to return Today actress Gwendoline Christie confirmed she will reprising her role as Captain Phasma for Episode 8. Just before The Force Awakens producer Kathleen Kennedy already hinted at the return of the character but now it has been confirmed. Captain Phasma quickly became a fan favorite in her chrome armor storm trooper outfit acting […]

10 Cloverfield Lane Trailer online for March 11 release

10 Cloverfield Lane Cloverfield was the sleeper hit of 2008. I remember the release of the trailer well. At first I thought I was watching a some drama movie involving 30-somethings at a frat party. Yet, it did have that found-footage feel which left be baffled. Until Godzilla type monster roared in the background. Cloverfield wasn’t a […]

Person Of Interest Season 5 its last says J.J. Abrams

Person Of Interest Season 5 its last! Hot off the success of The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams has made some surprising statements. One of which was sort of expected but is still sad. Person of Interest season 5 may well be its last. At the Television Critics Association Abrams told reporters Saturday that “My guess is it is […]

The Force Awakens Review – J.J. Abrams returns and the force is with him!

The Force Awakens Review The Force Awakens has finally been released in cinemas. I managed to view it yesterday evening, the 18th, amidst a large crowd of arguably ‘young’ middle-aged fans whose dress-code is questionable. Sadly The Force Awakens (TFA) was over before I knew it. My initial reaction was gratitude that it did not suck […]

The Force Awakens update + Gwendoline’s Phasma dress!

The Force Awakens update It is only two weeks to go until the official release of Star Wars The Force Awakens on December 18. As a Star Wars fan I am starting to wonder what is going to be a bigger event: Christmas, the New Year or The Force Awakens. One thing is for sure, […]

Thoughts on the new Star Trek TV series set for 2017

A new Star Trek TV series, from CBS After years of rumors the bullet is finally through the church (a saying in my part of the world). CBS has announced it will be producing a new Star Trek TV show set for release in 2017. Not much is known besides that. The press release did […]

New Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer Released!

New Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer Released! Finally after months of hearing arguments about the merits of having crossbars on a lightsaber we as Star Wars fans are entertained by a new trailer. The second teaser trailer for Star Wars The Force Awakens reveals a great deal more than the first, but plenty of the […]