March 4, 2024

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Transcendence starring Johnny Depp – Preview and Trailer!

transcendence 2014 johnny depp

There are often themes for movies that are popular for a while for apparently no good reason. I think we weathered most of the zombie and vampire movies as well as the survival with a bow and arrow flicks. For 2014 and beyond human technology especially those to do with information technology, space exploration and genetic engineering are becoming the topic of choice. Not that I am complaining of course as this is a Science Fiction blog and I do take more than a passing interest in the Singularity. And so the future will brings us Transcendence, the directorial début of Wally Pfister who served as cinematographer for Christopher Nolan on the Batman Trilogy.

The movie stars Johnny Depp in the role of Dr. Will Caster, a AI researcher who has harbored the dream of uploading a human mind into a computer. In essence that being would transcend present human evolution and become an immortal all-knowing (there I say god-like) creature. The topic is certainly actual with technology advancing at such a pace that now we can even read some rudimentary thoughts directly from the human brain through synaptic analysis. As I also mentioned, Transcendence is only the first such movie, Christopher Nolan himself will release Interstellar in November 2014 and dazzle us with the possibilities for space exploration.

First we will get Transcendence, which is to be released on April 17th next year and will also star Morgan Freeman, Rebecca Hall and Kate Mara. So far only two rather non-sensical teaser trailer were released. Yesterday we got the first full trailer and unfortunately it is one of those trailers that pretty much spoilers the entire plot and makes you think twice before actually buying a ticket at the box office. Ooh, well, here is the trailer nonetheless….

I know what you’re thinking. You can pretty much analyze all the plot points mentioned and so construct the entire movie before the New Year. Despite the spoilers I am still interested in this movie, I just hope it won’t run roughshod over the topic of transcendence, artificial intelligence and the technological singularity. Ray Kurzweil will turn in his swivel chair if they do!

Below you can find some screen caps I made from the trailer.

transcendence movie - Johnny Depp as Will Caster transcendence movie - Kate Mara as Bree transcendence movie - Logo transcendence movie - Morgan Freeman as Joseph transcendence movie - Paul Bettany and Rebecca Hall with Johnny Depp transcendence movie - The machine taking over matter transcendence movie - the machine transcendence movie - Will Caster plugged in - Johnny Depp