June 13, 2024


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Sarah Shahi, Taraji P. Henson dressing up for nightclub in leather skirt - Person of Interest

Person of Interest S3Ep3 ‘Lady Killer’ Review

Jim Caviezel as Mr. Reese - Person of Interest

Person of Interest is a great show but once in a while you get a real stinker of an episode. I remember one or two from both earlier seasons but this episode is pretty much the lamest ever. I don’t think the creative staff purposefully set out to make a bad episode (why would they) but they certainly had the idea to bring in a serious element of drama that just falls completely flat. They went wrong when it became clear that the PoI of the week was not a serial killer but somebody who choose his dates by creating profiles. Instead he is the would-be victim who is going to be the victim because he dated a billionaire’s daughter  a decade before and got her pregnant. She tells him she had an abortion which a was a lie because of some stupid reason that I just couldn’t understand….. well, turn the clock forward 10 years and our victim to be had found out his lover has died and the billionaire doesn’t take kindly to him, for some reason…

Sarah Shahi, Taraji P. Henson dressing up for nightclub in leather skirt - Person of Interest

I had a hard time following the storyline this week. The victim to be did a lot of stupid things and so he hardly grew on you. It was kind of a snooze fest for the most of the episode. Besides the beginning and the ending that is. At the beginning we see all three principle female good-side characters get dressed up to go to a night club and in the final scene we see Root (Amy Acker) escape from the mental institute in spectacular fashion. So the episode was saved a bit but the fast-forward button is a must. The episode ends with Finch checking into the mental hospital to find out what has happened and a wounded Hersh (government killer) lying on the floor. We would have to wait until next week to find out what happens to finch and why The Machine helped Root escape.

Root (Amy Acker) shooting Hersh - Person of Interest

Sarah Shahi continues to shine and shows how Caviezel’s character has become rather domesticated over the last two years. However, she will need to be integrated into the plot better to really start making a difference.

Score; 7 / 10. Saved by two scenes, otherwise rather lame.

Sarah Shahi as Samantha Shaw using sniper rifle - Person of Interest