Continuum Season 4 Premiere Review

Continuum Season 4 Premiere Review Continuum is finally back for it’s last, and short 6 episode season. Simon Barry’s show entered the ratings doldrums after the disappointing second season. Sadly, Showcase and Syfy saw no other choice but to end the series with a 6 episode run to tie-up the storyline and not leave fans […]

Helix S2Ep2 Reunion Review

Helix S2Ep2 Reunion Review Helix continues to find more solid ground during its second season. With this weeks episode Reunion the pace is set for the season. Compared to the beginning of season 1 Helix concentrates less on dangerous pathogens. Though there is one that will make your vomit solid. Instead, it frames the mystery […]

Helix season 1 finale Dans L’ombre Review

For the most part I have fond memories of Helix. Both the mystery of the NARVIK pathogen and the suspense it created reminded me a lot of Lost. Certainly the first 4 episodes used both the suspense and character drama deftly to let us get to know Dr. Alan Farragut, his estranged ex-wife Julia, Dr. Sarah […]

Helix S1Ep11 ‘Black Rain’ Review!

This weeks episode of Helix puts the emphasis back on the deadly pathogen and those who have been infected. The idea that those affected obtain superhuman strength and a strong desire to infect others places the show at least one foot into the zombie genre. Though I am not sold on that actually being a good […]

Helix S1Ep8 ‘Bloodline’ Review!

After Jeri Ryan’s spectacular entrance as Constance Sutton, a cold-blooded corporate genocidal murderess, Helix was in need of a brief break from last weeks fast paced events. Bloodline offers this break by first concentrating on giving every character some time to deal with the latest revelations. After this has been accomplished the second part of […]

Helix S1Ep7 ‘Survivor Zero’ Review

Jeri Ryan’s spectacular entrance as Constance Sutton, a Ilaria Corporation bigshot, was a welcome addition to what has been a restrictive character roll over the first 6 episodes. Her character changes the dynamics of pretty much every relationship. Suddenly Hatake does not seem to be all that bad, though his personal motivation stay unknown. Major […]

Helix episode 4 ‘Single Strand’ Preview!

Next Friday the fourth episode of Helix will air. Unfortunately this episode wasn’t available on the website of Syfy Channel early like episode 3, so it will be almost two weeks since episode 3 and I am already feeling the Helix withdrawal symptoms. Episode 4 is entitled ‘Single Strand’ and seem bent on progressing the […]

Helix S1Ep3 ‘274’ Review

The first two episodes of Helix that aired last week brought about some strong emotions on various comment boards. Despite both episodes receiving good reviews and praise from fans there were plenty who despaired with arguments such as ‘it isn’t as good as Lost’, ‘it’s the X-file with all the black goo’ and ‘it’s going to be […]

Helix S1Ep1&2 ‘Pilot’ & ‘Vector’ Review

Helix is a show that does little new. Instead it uses known horror and science fiction devices together with a compelling character driven story to drive viewers to the edge of their seat. In many ways the show reminds me of Ridley Scott’s movie Alien, still considered the best B-movie ever made in that it […]